Here we are! Grind Block Records is surely known as a very nice label, putting a lot of stuff each year, ranging from crust to noisecore. It’s also the main output for Italian pornogrind heavyweight 2 Minuta Dreka and it has done a lot of great records from bands like Repulsione, Warsore, Psychotic Sufferance and so on.
Now they’re making a very nice offer, so you can buy their two latest releases and a very nice Unholy Grave’ Revoltage T-Shirt for just 13 € + postage. As you may figure out I’ve taken them as soon as I can and now I have everything in my hands!

must-do note : I don’t know if this offer is still available, if so I suggest you to contat them, if not, contact them anyway, they’re great guys and it’s not unusual to find offers like this one by them!

First of all the t-shirt! It’s very cheap, so don’t expect Fruit Of The Loom quality or stuff like that, but the cloth is nice, and the artwork, even if a little too dark is great. In the end a nicely done tee, with a wonderful design from one of the greatest grindcore bands in history!

The first 7″ I’m gonna review is the latest output from Turkish grindcore new sensation Sakatat and Greek Cut Your Throat. Sakatat kicks in, and if you were blasted by their latest stuff (like the great split with Slaughter Of The Innocents) you won’t be disappointed. Their grind is fast, raw and unmerciful. Some of the songs was already published on other releases (some on the Illegal Grinding compilation, others on the Grindcore Roadkill 3″), but three out of seven are totally unreleased. As always, they are not experimental or hyper-technical players, but they are as refreshing as they can be, with a lot of classic parts like on the two first tracks Ozgur Ol, Yok Ol and Sona Giden Yol, sometimes merged with moshable breaks (Elli Yillik Ruyamiz), sometimes with more thrash parts (Sesimizden Baska Kaybedecek Neyimiz Kaldi?). For SxOxBx lovers they also play a nice version of the classic tune Humanity Of Stupidity. I really love the fact that they sing in Turkish, just as I love each band that sings in their mother language, and for comprehension sake they added a full translation in English. I’m also proud that Sakatat works really well with Italian labels, since they worked with Grind Block, Jennifer Grind, Zas! and Angernoise. Good work!
On the flipside there are Cut Your Throat, hailing from Greece. In my opinion they win the “battle” for the best artwork, very nice and fitting with the title of their side (Disease Monger), I really love the frame made of arm bones! They play an aggressive modern grindcore, in the vein of Brutal Truth and with a strong influence by the Swedish sound. You know what to expect, a lot of scraming (almost no growl here), mainly blastbeats and slower parts leaded by hooking guitar riffs. Everything is very intense and will make all Nasum fans happy. Unfortunately I’m not a big of them, so I’m not really enjoying Cut Your Throat side. Beside that, they play in a very good way, with an almost flawless drumming supporting an inspired and convincing riffing. The production is saturated, so you will hear distortion and harshness on the higher screams and on every crash. That’s not a bad stuff, it’s really nice and gives to the whole lot of songs a noisy vibe that I like. So, if you like Nasum, Retaliation and Brutal Truth, give these guys a listen, you won’t get disappointed.

This release is a co-production between Jennifer Grind, Trenchcore Records, Grind Block, Scull Crasher and Alcoholic Desaster.

The second 7″ is the Proletar and Diorrhea split EP.
First in line there’s Proletar. They hail from Indonesia and put out 5 songs + intro of old school noisy & crusty grindcore. You can hear a lot of early Napalm Death, mid-90s Agathocles and a little bit of Extreme Noise Terror. They sound nice, but sometimes the drumming isn’t good enough to give you the sensation of aggression, speed or violence. It focuses mainly on double bass, with a very low amount of snare and crash, often failing to give the speed contribution to the whole sound. Beside that the riffing is killer, ultra-derivative, but killer. It fits well with the vocals, which are shared by Firman (bass) and Levoy (drum). The songs are nice and all the lovers of 90s grindcore will love them, in their lo-fi and harsh glory. I think that the drum “problem” is probably caused by a live type of recording, with other instruments and bass drum overwhelming the higher tones of the drums. I haven’t listened to other stuff by them, except some songs here and there, so I don’t have any kind of comparison. Beside this flaw, Proletar are surely a good power trio, who can provide some nicely done grind and keep high the flag of SE Asian grindcore!
Now it’s time for Fano grinders Diorrhea. The Italian schizos are well known in our underground scene for their very good live performances and love for the underground. The six songs they’re proposing in this split EP are a good mix of old-school influences and some more modern stuff. You will hear all the classic bands popping here and there in their sound, all fused with a good taste for post-2000 grindcore, like for our other underground pride, Jesus Ain’t In Poland. I’ve listened they’re demo Grindcor(e)roidi (from 2005) and they’re nice split with Fetus Eaters, but I’ve missed they’re latest effort, the higly acclaimed B-XVI, so I don’t have a short time comparison, but I can say that they’ve done a big improvement from their earlier stuff. If you like unrelenting grindcore, with a top-notch drumming (by the might Capro!) and screaming, blistering vocals, you will love this one. The bass lines and the riffing are also great, all topped with Italian sung poisonous lyrics. Diorrhea are doing very well on this split and I hope we will hear more of them in a very short time!

This release is a co-production between Erba Trista Records, Grind Block Records, Corrosiòn Cerebral, Basement Records, Death Crush, Gusto Rana, L’é Tutt Folklor , Rotten to The Core Records, Privileged to Fail Records, Explored Reason Records, Grind Ambush Records, Extreme Terror Prod, Murder Records and Up Yours Records


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