Nihilist Nausea

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NIHILIST COMMANDO “Noisecore violations 2002-2008”



This is quite an old one. When they first fell into my radar I was blown away by Nihilist Commando. My first approach to this Finnish noisecore project was with the legendary “I’m going ape” compilation series, more precisely with the first volume of it. My head was melted by a grinding kind of noisecore, but ehi, don’t get me wrong. Structures are very scarce here, but there are some 3-4 notes riffs thrown in the mix, making Nihilist Commando a bit different from the classic threestrikesofsticksblurr kind of noisecore. What really caught my attention was the approach to the subject. Nihilist Commando is hands down one of the angriest and most pissed off bands in the game, probably sharing the throne with another Finnish act, the freshly new S.E.X.. This CD collects all the recorded stuff by the band, so the three demos are here, along with the compilation tracks (like those from “I’m going ape”). The tracks from the “Freak power” and “Suomi Finland noisecore” are not here but there are some great unreleased stuff plus a live session. When it comes to Nihilist Commando there is always some political awkwardness, but I won’t talk about that. The music (or the lack of, maybe) here is absolutely top notch, plus there’s a really fat booklet to feed your brain. Arsedestroyer, Aunt Mary and pre-Relapse-era Anal Cunt fans rejoice, this is a killer release!



Well, this is a great surprise. Slaughter Of The Innocents made a huge impact some years ago, recording two really good split EP’s with Endless Demise and Sakatat. The a split CD with Obscure Oath came out but after that they disappeared. Eight (EIGHT) years their latest output they’re back again, teaming up with the absolute gods of noisecore. S.O.T.I. sound is as thick as it can be. Featuring Bertil from Ken Brockman on bass and Thomas from Ventilator (yes, THOSE Ventilator!!!) on guitar, S.O.T.I. keeps up with the band name and really draw a lot of their sound from Repulsion, adding some early Napalm Death and Assuck to it. This is top notch grindcore and it’s a real shame that they released so little amount of music in sixteen years of existence. Seven Minutes Of Nausea is just pure noisecore perfection. They deliver their usual, ultra classic wall of blurrcore and they’re renewed approach with “good” production and volume is really great. The duo Mick / Mathias is still at the top of the game and now is possible to clearly hear each distorted note they destroy. An amazing thing about this EP is that it’s not splitted into two sides but for each Slaughter Of The Innocents song there’s a bunch of Seven Minutes Of Nausea tracks. The final result is really great, each band perfectly fits in the other and the record as a whole is extremely enjoyable. As for me, a strong contender for this winter’s top record.

[EDIT : Tomas of S.O.T.I. wrote me and told me that Bertil is no more in the band, which consists now of him on vocals and Peter on vocals, bass and drums, both ex-Ventilator. Thanks man!]


Three records (I)

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LIFE OF REFUSAL “Survival in negative


I’ve always kept a special place in my heart for Life Of Refusal. When their first EP came out I was very enthusiastic about it, seeing through the unpolished edges a band that was really convincing in their own craft. Then, silence. In 2014 these guys released a 7″ EP that was nearly impossible to find in Europe, forcing me to listen to it on Bandcamp. Which means that I’ve listened to it a couple of times and put it aside. Then 2016 came and Life Of Refusal finally kick back, with a 7″ slab of vinyl that goes by the name of “Survival in negative” and puts the band back up in my top choices for the year. This is bleak, dark and, mostly, HEAVY powerviolence. Songwriting-wise Life Of Refusal stuck to the formula of their first EP, only enhanching the extreme edges of their sound and forcing some aspects a bit more. To me they sound a lot like those third-fourth-whatever powerviolence bands of some years ago, like Ultra Negative and Vile Intent, but with a pure straightforward hardcore approach, more in the vein of Weeken Nachos or early Hatred Surge. Long story short, this is a killer EP, with solid songwriting, simple yet addicting songs with the right amount of tempo changes, breakdowns and reckless accelerations. The monotonous voice only adds a curious vibe, sometimes not so far from early NYHC, sometimes (when Chris spits out words faster than a machinegun) an odd Rupture feeling. Extra kudos for the “Lucid fairytale” cover.

KUSIPÄÄ “Vittuun koko maailma


This can be one of the simpliest reviews ever. Kusipää play some of the most pissed off hardcore that you can find on a record. That’s it. Hailing from Finland they don’t really stick to the classic Finnish formula, instead they opt for a more straightforward and linear approach, with a neverending pouding drums assault, raunchy guitar, a not-so-high-in-the-mix-but-you-can-feel-it-pouding-in-the-back-of-your-head bass and a very, very, very angry vocal approach. The Finnish school of hardcore is honored with the sheer amount of angriness that flows through this record, even if delivered using a quite simple music. Kusipää are not fast or ultra-noisy or too extreme. They’re like a rabid dog grinding his teeth, freezed on his legs but in full tension and with rage-spitting eyes.

IMPULSE “Backbreaker


I kinda arrived late on the Impulse train, totally missing the release of their amazing “Chula violence” EP a couple of years ago. This year I’ve bought the new 7″, “Backbreaker”, quickly getting a copy of the debut record. “Backbreaker” keep up the style of its predecessor, delivering a really, REALLY, fast of hardcore tinged with powerviolence. The obvious comparison would be Infest, with Coke Bust right after them, but Impulse made the great accomplishment of sticking to a classic formula yet sounding totally personal. The vocals are really cool, sounding really hard and pissed off without falling in the growl category, instead they are almost totally in the high pitched bark range, sounding like early Youth Of Today on a higher note. Musically wise Impulse are filled to the top with breakneck speed parts, tempo changes, breakdowns, stop-and-go’s and an overall feeling of urgency. This is hands down a keeper and will make all fans of the aforementioned Infest and Coke Bust, but also No Comment or Sidetracked, really really happy.

Legends never die

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OK, here I am. After a way too long hiatus I’ve finally found the motivation to find the time and the energy to get back here. This is one of the most appreciated and most satisfying projects i’ve ever carried in my life and I’m really missing the pleasure to write long and unrequested opinions on records I love. I wanted to kick back in talking about musicians that I love, that released an incredible amount of great records and never failed me. Ryohei, Hisao and Doug looked an appropriate comeback team to me. I’ve missed this, but now I’m here. Have a good read.


(Backwoods Butcher records)


Probably I’m just overthinking. When I first dropped the needle on this EP I was overwhelmed by a single strong idea. An idea made by three words : Detroit, rock, city. Final Exit dwelled a lot into the KISS territory, both with scattered covers and with a full cover EP (well, half of a full cover EP, since the other side of the record was filled with Ironia’s “music” and adorned with their infamous cigarette-smoking-vagina cover photo), so when the record started with a sound similar to a door slamming, followed by various other noises, from opening a bottle, to far-away steps and microphone static, I’ve immediately thought about the beginning of KISS most iconic song. Anyway, enough of my brain wanks, let’s go to the music. Final Exit kick in with a long, slow and somehow mesmerizing instrumental intro, aptly titled “Teen’s spring blues”. Woodstock, universal peace, free love. Luckly everything gets smashed down by a super classic noisecore explosion. Final Exit never fail in this, they are masters in creating funky and absolutely funny disco/surf/pop/groove moments and then destroy everything in sight with their drums and guitar noisecore. The main difference between this record and their previous outputs is that on here there is a lot more of grindcore into their music. The usual random bursts of pure noise are all over the place, obviously, but this time Ryohei and Hisao connect them using cool pure grindcore moments. The keyword here is : structure. What? Structure? In a noisecore record? Well, yes, structure; and believe me, it works. Final Exit switched the core of their sound from noisecore to noisegrind and the result is GREAT. They even put a sludgy part in this EP, playing with blank and filled spaces. The entertaining level of this slab of vinyl is very high. Imagine Seven Minutes Of Nausea, dumping the classic feedback and using a mix of Fear Of God and mid-90’s Anal Cunt grind to connect each burst of noise and throwing in surf, jazzy and rock n roll segments. Final Exit made something that seemed impossible to me : improve their sound. They are hands down one of my favorite noisecore bands and this EP is just another proof that they are in the top tier of noise.

When it’s time to switch to the flipside it’s easy to think that it must be very hard to keep up with the quality of the A-side. Instead of finding a mere sparring partner, the B-side features another heavyweight of extreme music. Mr Doug Long takes all the instruments duties in Erectile Dementia, another one of his many side projects. Just like Magnus of Netjajev SS fame, Doug has the ability to start a lot of bands, keep up with everyone of them and keep a high quality level. Erectile Dementia is a very cool mix of old school raw grindcore (the one that comes straight from Siege), noise, fastcore and the usual weird blues and rocking parts that Doug perfectioned in Brody’s Militia. Just as his friends on the other side of the split, Mr Long plays a lot with contrast, switching from a roaring and brutal avalanche of noise to a relaxed and chilling rock n roll attitude. It’s really cool to see someone that started with a blistering fast band like Hellnation enrich his music with such variety. If you listened to the latest Brody’s Militia outputs (mainly “Cycle of hate” and “Napalm Zeppelin raids”) you can have a loose idea of what to expect here. My advice is to grab one copy of this split as fast as a shark, because this is pure gold and a solid split between two bands made by three guys that really know how to craft top notch noisy music.

55 ways to flush your toilet

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It surely is quite difficult to write something about a project like this one. As for the 100 way split 7″ released a couple of years ago by NHDIYSTREC, this slab of vinyl is filled to the rim with 55 bands. I think this kind of format choice is the “worst” one in terms of distinguish one band from the other one, or simply, you know, keeping track of wich song is playing. BUT a couple of decades ago Slap A Ham taught us that putting together a shitload of different bands’ short songs and cram a 7″ EP with them can be a very good choice. “Tunes from the toilet Vol. 1” is a very enjoyable and nice travel in the realms of pure noise. While other projects stuck to defined genres, this time you can have a very wide spectrum of the extreme noise underground situation. Songs here go from power electronics to ambient and harsh noise, going through powerviolence, weird grindcore and even shitnoise stuff a-la A.R.C.A.D.E.. It’s really, REALLY, hard to point out a band instead of another one. There are even some quite well known names here, like Decayed Race, Sissy Spacek, To Die, Sordo and Water Torture, but they all got mixed up in this amazing whirlwind of noise and weird frequencies. The overall feeling is quite disturbing and distressful, but in the way a great harsh sounding release can be. You will feel beaten and shaken, with moments of eerie sounding low frequencies bursting in saw shaped waves assaults in less than a second. The two sides are quite equal in terms of violence and variety, so you will find yourself flipping this record quite often. As I’ve said before, I really can’t talk about one band instead of another one making my opinions about what each one of them put on this compilation. This 55 songs mayhem is like a huge collective quest for ear bleeding noise, with every project submitting its part for the mission. I can’t reccomend “Tunes from the toilet Vol.1” to fans of grindcore, or to powerviolence or harsh noise ones. This is a nice addition to every extreme music fan collection. Knee deep in noise.



I really want to thank they guys from Aterpe (they’re from Thailand and sing in Euskera, the language of the Basque country -speaking of unusual choices!-, check ’em out!) who sent me this promo copy and apologize to them for the long delay in writing this review, but, as everyone’s probably already noticed, my life is quite busy and I can’t write as often as I really wish. Sorry about that.

50 Reasons to start listening to Yattai

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Yattai is a grindcore band from France which has been active for almost a decade now. They are a pretty regular installment in Euro distros and you can easily find a bunch of their records around, mostly the split EPs with Fantastikolhole and Grunt Grunt.
“50 Love Hymns For Grindheads” is a super-exhaustive compilation CD of all their recordings, from their 2005 Demo to their split EP with Trepan Dead, going through the above mentioned split 7″, the split CDs with Gastrick Burst, Cakewet and Jack, a compilation track and even some unreleased songs from a 2008 session. This stuff is assembled in an anti-chronological order, so it will start from the most recent one and ends with the older one.
Yattai has been a really growing band, starting from a promising but yet not very personal form of fast grindcore to a very well crafted music assault. Their nowdays style can be described as a blastbeat driven grindcore, not far from stuff like Kill The Client or later Insect Warfare, with a strong bass line and a screaming ridden vocal approach. In Yattai there is a full time vocalis, Gautier, who is paired by the two guitar players support. As I’ve said above the vocal lines are mainly in the scream part of the spectrum, enhancing the sense of speed, but the growls thrown here and there add a lot of thickness to the sound. Speed is a key word in this collection, but as light is enhanched by shadows, speed is enhanched by slower section. Yattai are very good in shifting tempos and you will find yourself going from blast beatting with your fingers to a groovy headbanging session. The “slow” songs are killer and really set the mood for the oncoming full throttle grind assault. Now I have to talk about the guitars. Well, I’m not always liking the choice of the effects, but the riffs (which are, obviously, the most important part in guitar work) are AMAZING. This is what makes this band really good. It’s fucking fast grindcore with a great approach in songwriting, mixing some classic hardcore vibes to unmerciful powerviolence neckbreaking riffage. Imagine a mix of early S.O.B., Nausa, Iron Lung and Insect Warfare and you will have an idea of the style shown by Yattai. This is a statement mostly based on their later recordings, since when you’ll make your way through this collection you will find the sound becoming more classic and less personal. BUT the best thing about “50 Love Hymns For Grindheads” is that it shows a band in constant movement and ready to step out of the bunch with strong and personal sound. This is a nice one, maybe being a collection of so many recordings it can be a tough task going from the beginning to the end, but it can surely be a great listening.
Check it out!

[Thanks to Gautier / Yattai for the CD]

ORGANIZED TO GORGONIZE : a Gorgonized Dorks special – part I

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Dsc00919 Dsc00921

You know why it’s always a great pleasure to review Gorgonized Dorks? Because you can’t know what to expect to hear when the needle drops on the record. Their main genre can be thrown in the noisecore shelf, but I’ve heard straight forward grindcore, some hardcore, drone, power electronics and even some new wave stuff. This time a pounding riff and a straight drum beat introduces a song that will scream four clear letters : G I S M.
Nothing more, nothing less. This is a pure and humble worship tune to the masters of metal punk, one of the most influential HC bands of all times. The next three songs walk the thin line between Japanese hardcore and late 80’s grindcore, so you know what to expect : dissonant riffs, crusty drums and ultra filthy vocals. This is great stuff and a highly enjoyable Dorks release. The first track steals the show without mercy and you will find yourself putting your needle back again a lot of times to have another dose of this amazing GISM tribute.

Dsc00920 Dsc00922

On the flipside we can find Maximum Thrash from Indonesia. This relatively new band has already shared its way with bands like Lt Dan, Agathocles and Archagathus, so I think they will really move fast in a very short time! This side contains five songs : four or them are new studio track (well, one is a re-recording of an older tune), while the last one is a live in studio. Their style is a mix between late 90’s mincecore and classic grindcore in the vein of SMG, with a little sparkle of powerviolence. They sound good, old school and raw, so listening to this record can be really enjoyable for all of those who love that kind of crude and fuzzy sound. There’s a cool thing about the band : they have two singers (a girl and a guy) but no bass guitar. Quite odd! Anyway, their sound is very meaty and powerful even without the 4 string support. Maybe this stuff needs more development to really stand out, even if it’s already really nice. There are some flaws here and there, like the first song starting abruptly with something that sounds like a cut out incipit or the fact that with two singers I expect more variety vocal wise, but the premises are very good.
On a sidenote : the ring sticker is sick!


Dsc00923 Dsc00924

How can you describe a record that starts with a cover of Napalm Death’s “Multinational Corporations”? This is a total back to basics for Gorgonized Dorks and a real pleasure to hear for all noisecore fanatics out there! After the aforementioned cover song the US duo bursts into a series of short noisegrind songs that can really rip your scalp away. I’m really enthusiast about how they sound on this split EP, because this is a total flashback to their early days and the beginning of my passion for them. Pure, brutal and no-compromises noisy grind, the way it should be. I think the main influences here are Tumour and Sore Throat, because these songs have a strong Euro feeling to them, plus they are very noisy but they keep a solid grinding hardcore structure that make each song noisy but memorable. Plus, the Katz vocal tone is really great on this one. This is one the top five releases by the Dorks, without any doubt. And “Organized to Gorgonize” is one of the best song titles I’ve read this year.


Disleksick is another great band and it’s always a great pleasure to talk about them! Their side is in the same “own old school” way of the Gorgonized Dorks, one, but this time with a strong twist to it. As long as we speak about strings the mood is relly near the monotonic grindcore of the beginnings of the band (like the split EP with Agathocles), but the drums and the voice are way more noisy and chaotic than back then. The result is an amazing mix of almost hypnotic riffing and an amazing whirlwind of noise, crashes, screams, grunts and so on. Vocals are surely a great feature in these songs, showing a lot of variety and dynamism. This is surely a great addition to Disleksick’s discography and a great pairing with the A-side.
Great split, only 300 copies made, grab it!

[Thanks to Ben Viele (Gorgonized Dorks / Agromosh) for the records and to Marty Jerk Off Records who wanted to send me the split with Maximum Thrash with other releases of his label but Ben already sent me a copy!]


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I’m here, sitting in this room (dark and gloooooom, aehm, sorry for the GG Allin quote…) and spinning my copy of Pissedography by The Afternoon Gentlemen. The Leeds based band has become one of my top favorites “new” bands around and finally seeing them live last May in Switzerland proved one simple thing : they’re one of those bands that can kick your ass all around the place letting you keep a strong smile on your face in the progress. This interview has been in the work for a while but, you know, the same old story of life ruining everything. Anyway, we managed to finish it and so, ladies and (sorry for the word play) gentlemen, THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN!




Pete : Hi guys, how are you? Thanks for answering this intie!

The Afternoon Gentlemen : Alright fella. We’re ok ta, jooged and boffered.

P : Can you just give us a brief story of the band? Who’s who?

TAG : We started in 2007. We were all friends and knew each other from playing in different bands. So we decided to start a band together and drink beer and play grindcore. The band is Rich on vocals, Barthur on bass, Mick on guitar, Adam on another guitar, and me on drums.

P : I think your music is very personal even if sticking to some classic sides of powerviolence. How do you compose? What are your main inspirations?

TAG : To compose we write riffs then put the bits together. Influences/inspirations are boogs, joogs, doins and bocky. Also other bands we like. Lyrical inspiration comes from all of the above as well as life in general, the things that make us happy and the things that we think are bullshit.


P : I’ve read your lyrics and in a bunch of songs you make strong statements against other bands and genres, can you add some words about it?

TAG : We don’t really bear any personal grudges or malice towards any bands or individuals. The lyrics where we attack certain bands or people are because 1) punk is supposed to be about ‘no gods, no masters’, yet some bands and people get idolised way too much and go up their own arses, 2) we want to name names instead of being vague about it, 3) we don’t like it/them.

P : A lot of new great bands are from England, making the country able to put itself on the extreme music map again. How can you describe your music scene today?

TAG : Pretty good. The ‘score’ is always changing and developing but there a lot of good UK bands: Gets Worse, Mangle, Sufferinfuck, Human Cull , Famine, Huffin Paint, Man Hands, The Day Man Lost, Lich, Human Junk, Horsebastard, Warboys, plus loads more. And there is a decent amount of venues and gigs going on that are quite well supported. So we’re quite lucky.

P : You are from Leeds, how’s living there?

TAG : Leeds is alright. £3.50 for 4 cans of Blackstorm from Jacktar’s . Not bad.

P : An ode to beer?


When able and abroad
Joggle all that you can swallow,
But the hasty boogle of today,
Is the famine of tomorrow,
Boozing in a bar, Drinking in the park,
Joogling in the morning, quaffing in the dark


[TAG + Suffering Mind]

P : You have a bunch of side projects, can you talk about them?

TAG : Well most of us play in other bands besides TAG, plus some side projects too. Mick plays in a pop punk covers band, Barthur plays xylophone in a prog-fusion band called Tusk of Job. And there’s me and Rich’s top secret post-powerviolence epic fantasy band…

P : You’ve released an handful of amazing EPs and a 10″, do you also plan to record a full album soon? Do you prefer to stick to short running releases or not? And if yes, why?

TAG : We do indeed prefer short running releases. They’re easier/faster to write, record and release, and they’re not as boring to listen to. Shorter grindcore records usually have more impact and intensity, LP’s can easily become boring unless the band is mixing it up a lot or doing something really special. We may or may not record an LP in future, we’ll do something but we perfer to take our time.

P : Any other plans?

TAG : Next up is a mini tour in October, UK, Belgium and Bloodshed Fest (Netherlands), then Dmanation Festival in Leeds in November. We’re currently planning a couple of trips for next year and we’re also writing some new songs.


P : You are touring Europe now. What is tour life for you?

TAG : Well it’s simple actually, tour life for us is boogs and joogs and rock and roll.Charlie Martin drives us round and we get drunk. Personally I enjoy it a lot. We generally sit in the van for a few hours drinking booze, talking shite and eating loads of boogs + other food, then we arrive somewhere, drink some more and talk shit to some people, then play grind for a bit. Last experiences have all been great, we’ve been to some cool places and met a lot of very nice people.

P : What do you do besides music?

TAG : Drink.

P : This not a question. Come to Italy. Seriously

TAG : We came before actually, we slept in a bush. We’ll probably come again, depending on the quality of the bushes available.


P : Ok, I raise my glass to you, thanking you again for this interview. End as you prefer!

TAG : Cheers fellah!