Narcolepsia batch : SSRI / Murder Book / Torba

SSRI “Robust” tape


SSRI is a two headed creature, but I’ve always thought that that contribution of one of them goes over the other. Pekka from Gelsomina/Sick Seed is all over the place here, delivering his classic brand of junkyard noise, a powerful mix of broken frequencies, bursting bass waves and pure harsh bursts. The taste is exquisitely Finnish on this one, with a Hal Hutchinson layer of thoughts over the whole tape. At points “Robust” is really annoying, in the way a good noise album can be, pushing the brutal side over the cerebral one. The only flaw I can point out is the lacking some atmosphere, maybe pushing a bit too much the bidimensional nature of this tape. But don’t get me wrong, this is exactly what you’re expecting from a SSRI album, hands down!

MURDER BOOK “Diary entry #1 : stalked walking home” tape


Murder Book is a project by George Proctor, mainly known for his main act Mutant Ape. Ambient, drone and a hint of wall is all merged up here to create disturbing soundscapes of unpleasent moments and memories you wanted to forget. This tape is called “Diary entry #1 : stalked walking home” and I came across this title a couple of months ago, while browsing a discogs seller list. It immediately got stuck in my mind as I was wondering the musical expression of the feeling of being haunted by someone. I finally got the tape a bunch of days ago and listened to it. The same evening I was driving at night and stopped into an empty gas station to fill up the tank. It was around 1 a.m. and, apart from a thick fog, nobody was around. I immediately felt stared by someone and the weird and disturbing feeling of being spied went directly through my bones. It didn’t left my body until I was back home. Imagine my story, close your eyes and let your brain transform it into music. That’s how this tape sounds.

TORBA “Dvott stovn” tape


Torba is surely one of the most fascinating projects of Italian experimental music. This great artist focuses his efforts in putting together all sorts of sounds, from found footage to cut and paste noise frequencies, going through loops, field recordings and many more. This results in a very wide range of sounds and a thick intelligence presence in its music. Exploring and experimenting, Torba is a living organism that can mantain its basic form while expanding in every direction and enrichening its ability to sound fresh. This is just brilliant, absolutely reccomended!!!

~ by petetheripper on November 13, 2019.

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