55 ways to flush your toilet


It surely is quite difficult to write something about a project like this one. As for the 100 way split 7″ released a couple of years ago by NHDIYSTREC, this slab of vinyl is filled to the rim with 55 bands. I think this kind of format choice is the “worst” one in terms of distinguish one band from the other one, or simply, you know, keeping track of wich song is playing. BUT a couple of decades ago Slap A Ham taught us that putting together a shitload of different bands’ short songs and cram a 7″ EP with them can be a very good choice. “Tunes from the toilet Vol. 1” is a very enjoyable and nice travel in the realms of pure noise. While other projects stuck to defined genres, this time you can have a very wide spectrum of the extreme noise underground situation. Songs here go from power electronics to ambient and harsh noise, going through powerviolence, weird grindcore and even shitnoise stuff a-la A.R.C.A.D.E.. It’s really, REALLY, hard to point out a band instead of another one. There are even some quite well known names here, like Decayed Race, Sissy Spacek, To Die, Sordo and Water Torture, but they all got mixed up in this amazing whirlwind of noise and weird frequencies. The overall feeling is quite disturbing and distressful, but in the way a great harsh sounding release can be. You will feel beaten and shaken, with moments of eerie sounding low frequencies bursting in saw shaped waves assaults in less than a second. The two sides are quite equal in terms of violence and variety, so you will find yourself flipping this record quite often. As I’ve said before, I really can’t talk about one band instead of another one making my opinions about what each one of them put on this compilation. This 55 songs mayhem is like a huge collective quest for ear bleeding noise, with every project submitting its part for the mission. I can’t reccomend “Tunes from the toilet Vol.1” to fans of grindcore, or to powerviolence or harsh noise ones. This is a nice addition to every extreme music fan collection. Knee deep in noise.



I really want to thank they guys from Aterpe (they’re from Thailand and sing in Euskera, the language of the Basque country -speaking of unusual choices!-, check ’em out!) who sent me this promo copy and apologize to them for the long delay in writing this review, but, as everyone’s probably already noticed, my life is quite busy and I can’t write as often as I really wish. Sorry about that.


~ by petetheripper on March 2, 2014.

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