50 Reasons to start listening to Yattai


Yattai is a grindcore band from France which has been active for almost a decade now. They are a pretty regular installment in Euro distros and you can easily find a bunch of their records around, mostly the split EPs with Fantastikolhole and Grunt Grunt.
“50 Love Hymns For Grindheads” is a super-exhaustive compilation CD of all their recordings, from their 2005 Demo to their split EP with Trepan Dead, going through the above mentioned split 7″, the split CDs with Gastrick Burst, Cakewet and Jack, a compilation track and even some unreleased songs from a 2008 session. This stuff is assembled in an anti-chronological order, so it will start from the most recent one and ends with the older one.
Yattai has been a really growing band, starting from a promising but yet not very personal form of fast grindcore to a very well crafted music assault. Their nowdays style can be described as a blastbeat driven grindcore, not far from stuff like Kill The Client or later Insect Warfare, with a strong bass line and a screaming ridden vocal approach. In Yattai there is a full time vocalis, Gautier, who is paired by the two guitar players support. As I’ve said above the vocal lines are mainly in the scream part of the spectrum, enhancing the sense of speed, but the growls thrown here and there add a lot of thickness to the sound. Speed is a key word in this collection, but as light is enhanched by shadows, speed is enhanched by slower section. Yattai are very good in shifting tempos and you will find yourself going from blast beatting with your fingers to a groovy headbanging session. The “slow” songs are killer and really set the mood for the oncoming full throttle grind assault. Now I have to talk about the guitars. Well, I’m not always liking the choice of the effects, but the riffs (which are, obviously, the most important part in guitar work) are AMAZING. This is what makes this band really good. It’s fucking fast grindcore with a great approach in songwriting, mixing some classic hardcore vibes to unmerciful powerviolence neckbreaking riffage. Imagine a mix of early S.O.B., Nausa, Iron Lung and Insect Warfare and you will have an idea of the style shown by Yattai. This is a statement mostly based on their later recordings, since when you’ll make your way through this collection you will find the sound becoming more classic and less personal. BUT the best thing about “50 Love Hymns For Grindheads” is that it shows a band in constant movement and ready to step out of the bunch with strong and personal sound. This is a nice one, maybe being a collection of so many recordings it can be a tough task going from the beginning to the end, but it can surely be a great listening.
Check it out!

[Thanks to Gautier / Yattai for the CD]

~ by petetheripper on November 22, 2013.

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