ORGANIZED TO GORGONIZE : a Gorgonized Dorks special – part I


Dsc00919 Dsc00921

You know why it’s always a great pleasure to review Gorgonized Dorks? Because you can’t know what to expect to hear when the needle drops on the record. Their main genre can be thrown in the noisecore shelf, but I’ve heard straight forward grindcore, some hardcore, drone, power electronics and even some new wave stuff. This time a pounding riff and a straight drum beat introduces a song that will scream four clear letters : G I S M.
Nothing more, nothing less. This is a pure and humble worship tune to the masters of metal punk, one of the most influential HC bands of all times. The next three songs walk the thin line between Japanese hardcore and late 80’s grindcore, so you know what to expect : dissonant riffs, crusty drums and ultra filthy vocals. This is great stuff and a highly enjoyable Dorks release. The first track steals the show without mercy and you will find yourself putting your needle back again a lot of times to have another dose of this amazing GISM tribute.

Dsc00920 Dsc00922

On the flipside we can find Maximum Thrash from Indonesia. This relatively new band has already shared its way with bands like Lt Dan, Agathocles and Archagathus, so I think they will really move fast in a very short time! This side contains five songs : four or them are new studio track (well, one is a re-recording of an older tune), while the last one is a live in studio. Their style is a mix between late 90’s mincecore and classic grindcore in the vein of SMG, with a little sparkle of powerviolence. They sound good, old school and raw, so listening to this record can be really enjoyable for all of those who love that kind of crude and fuzzy sound. There’s a cool thing about the band : they have two singers (a girl and a guy) but no bass guitar. Quite odd! Anyway, their sound is very meaty and powerful even without the 4 string support. Maybe this stuff needs more development to really stand out, even if it’s already really nice. There are some flaws here and there, like the first song starting abruptly with something that sounds like a cut out incipit or the fact that with two singers I expect more variety vocal wise, but the premises are very good.
On a sidenote : the ring sticker is sick!


Dsc00923 Dsc00924

How can you describe a record that starts with a cover of Napalm Death’s “Multinational Corporations”? This is a total back to basics for Gorgonized Dorks and a real pleasure to hear for all noisecore fanatics out there! After the aforementioned cover song the US duo bursts into a series of short noisegrind songs that can really rip your scalp away. I’m really enthusiast about how they sound on this split EP, because this is a total flashback to their early days and the beginning of my passion for them. Pure, brutal and no-compromises noisy grind, the way it should be. I think the main influences here are Tumour and Sore Throat, because these songs have a strong Euro feeling to them, plus they are very noisy but they keep a solid grinding hardcore structure that make each song noisy but memorable. Plus, the Katz vocal tone is really great on this one. This is one the top five releases by the Dorks, without any doubt. And “Organized to Gorgonize” is one of the best song titles I’ve read this year.


Disleksick is another great band and it’s always a great pleasure to talk about them! Their side is in the same “own old school” way of the Gorgonized Dorks, one, but this time with a strong twist to it. As long as we speak about strings the mood is relly near the monotonic grindcore of the beginnings of the band (like the split EP with Agathocles), but the drums and the voice are way more noisy and chaotic than back then. The result is an amazing mix of almost hypnotic riffing and an amazing whirlwind of noise, crashes, screams, grunts and so on. Vocals are surely a great feature in these songs, showing a lot of variety and dynamism. This is surely a great addition to Disleksick’s discography and a great pairing with the A-side.
Great split, only 300 copies made, grab it!

[Thanks to Ben Viele (Gorgonized Dorks / Agromosh) for the records and to Marty Jerk Off Records who wanted to send me the split with Maximum Thrash with other releases of his label but Ben already sent me a copy!]


~ by petetheripper on October 16, 2013.

2 Responses to “ORGANIZED TO GORGONIZE : a Gorgonized Dorks special – part I”

  1. dì a quell’altro di mandarmi i miei soldi accidenti!

  2. there is also a cassette pre-release version of our split with maximum thrash, but our half has a different mix and their half has 10 trax instead of 5… only 100 were made in asia and is long out of print. the cover art for our split with disleksick was done by the legendary gx jupiter larsen, of the haters! enjoy the noizes! 😉

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