I’m here, sitting in this room (dark and gloooooom, aehm, sorry for the GG Allin quote…) and spinning my copy of Pissedography by The Afternoon Gentlemen. The Leeds based band has become one of my top favorites “new” bands around and finally seeing them live last May in Switzerland proved one simple thing : they’re one of those bands that can kick your ass all around the place letting you keep a strong smile on your face in the progress. This interview has been in the work for a while but, you know, the same old story of life ruining everything. Anyway, we managed to finish it and so, ladies and (sorry for the word play) gentlemen, THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN!




Pete : Hi guys, how are you? Thanks for answering this intie!

The Afternoon Gentlemen : Alright fella. We’re ok ta, jooged and boffered.

P : Can you just give us a brief story of the band? Who’s who?

TAG : We started in 2007. We were all friends and knew each other from playing in different bands. So we decided to start a band together and drink beer and play grindcore. The band is Rich on vocals, Barthur on bass, Mick on guitar, Adam on another guitar, and me on drums.

P : I think your music is very personal even if sticking to some classic sides of powerviolence. How do you compose? What are your main inspirations?

TAG : To compose we write riffs then put the bits together. Influences/inspirations are boogs, joogs, doins and bocky. Also other bands we like. Lyrical inspiration comes from all of the above as well as life in general, the things that make us happy and the things that we think are bullshit.


P : I’ve read your lyrics and in a bunch of songs you make strong statements against other bands and genres, can you add some words about it?

TAG : We don’t really bear any personal grudges or malice towards any bands or individuals. The lyrics where we attack certain bands or people are because 1) punk is supposed to be about ‘no gods, no masters’, yet some bands and people get idolised way too much and go up their own arses, 2) we want to name names instead of being vague about it, 3) we don’t like it/them.

P : A lot of new great bands are from England, making the country able to put itself on the extreme music map again. How can you describe your music scene today?

TAG : Pretty good. The ‘score’ is always changing and developing but there a lot of good UK bands: Gets Worse, Mangle, Sufferinfuck, Human Cull , Famine, Huffin Paint, Man Hands, The Day Man Lost, Lich, Human Junk, Horsebastard, Warboys, plus loads more. And there is a decent amount of venues and gigs going on that are quite well supported. So we’re quite lucky.

P : You are from Leeds, how’s living there?

TAG : Leeds is alright. £3.50 for 4 cans of Blackstorm from Jacktar’s . Not bad.

P : An ode to beer?


When able and abroad
Joggle all that you can swallow,
But the hasty boogle of today,
Is the famine of tomorrow,
Boozing in a bar, Drinking in the park,
Joogling in the morning, quaffing in the dark


[TAG + Suffering Mind]

P : You have a bunch of side projects, can you talk about them?

TAG : Well most of us play in other bands besides TAG, plus some side projects too. Mick plays in a pop punk covers band, Barthur plays xylophone in a prog-fusion band called Tusk of Job. And there’s me and Rich’s top secret post-powerviolence epic fantasy band…

P : You’ve released an handful of amazing EPs and a 10″, do you also plan to record a full album soon? Do you prefer to stick to short running releases or not? And if yes, why?

TAG : We do indeed prefer short running releases. They’re easier/faster to write, record and release, and they’re not as boring to listen to. Shorter grindcore records usually have more impact and intensity, LP’s can easily become boring unless the band is mixing it up a lot or doing something really special. We may or may not record an LP in future, we’ll do something but we perfer to take our time.

P : Any other plans?

TAG : Next up is a mini tour in October, UK, Belgium and Bloodshed Fest (Netherlands), then Dmanation Festival in Leeds in November. We’re currently planning a couple of trips for next year and we’re also writing some new songs.


P : You are touring Europe now. What is tour life for you?

TAG : Well it’s simple actually, tour life for us is boogs and joogs and rock and roll.Charlie Martin drives us round and we get drunk. Personally I enjoy it a lot. We generally sit in the van for a few hours drinking booze, talking shite and eating loads of boogs + other food, then we arrive somewhere, drink some more and talk shit to some people, then play grind for a bit. Last experiences have all been great, we’ve been to some cool places and met a lot of very nice people.

P : What do you do besides music?

TAG : Drink.

P : This not a question. Come to Italy. Seriously

TAG : We came before actually, we slept in a bush. We’ll probably come again, depending on the quality of the bushes available.


P : Ok, I raise my glass to you, thanking you again for this interview. End as you prefer!

TAG : Cheers fellah!


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  1. drink!

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