This is a brand new split from two bands that are moving quite fast in the underground these days.
Starting with Dead Church, I’ve already listened to them for their brief collaboration with Suffering Mind for a 5″ split EP. They’re style is the same as back then, even if I think they improved a little bit. Their contribution to this split s just three minutes and a half long, but it sums up with the minute I’ve heard on the 5″ making my experience with Dead Church an almost five minutes long joy! Ok, stop joking, let’s start talking. They’re style is a solid and thick kind of grindcore with A LOT of influences coming from Powerviolence. The strong, and most reocgnisable one, comes from the vocals, which are shouted in a growl way, but not too deep, making it that kind of raunchy grunt more similar to the ones sported by bands like Spazz, Infest and Capitalist Casualties instead of Napalm Death and Terrorizer. Music wise, they rely to a solid and classic formula : buzzing uitars and pounding drums, interchanging between brutal and thick sections and amazing stop and gos, adding some top notch slower moments. The overall feeling is somewhat similar to Weekend Nachos’ Unforgivable and that’s nothing but a good thing. This band is very nice, I would really like to hear a full length from them very soon!
Faction Disaster hails from Michigan. This band three songs of pure and raw Grindcore, for a total of mere three minutes. The approach taken here will throw you back to the late 80’s, where Grindcore was a stillborn bastard child of a lot of different music styles and all the sub-divisions that are here today didn’t existed even in the most wild dreams of any extreme music fan of those times. What does it mean? It means that you can easily put in a mincer the guitar riffs of Machetazo, Repulsion and Xysma, the fast approach of Nausea (LA), early Napalm Death and Assuck and mix ’em all with a sounds’ choice which reminds a lot all those 90’s Death Metal underground gods, like Incantation, Goreaphobia or Master. This si pure old school extreme music, clearly with a strong Grindcore main frame, but with the ability to mix all that stuff up and create something so classical but yet so personal.
This is a really great split. Grab it!



Suffering Mind and Water Torture have been quite prolific in the latter times and this is a cool split release for two of the most enjoyable bands in their respective genres.
The first one to kick off is Suffering Mind from Poland with one rather long song (for their standard). They stick to their classic kind of Grindcore, full of chuggy guitar and bass mix and with a bunch of pretty enjoyable tempo changes. I’ve always loved the drumming of the band and on this song Daro shows a very wide exhibit of skills. From blastbeats to slower section his drumming is very precise and will crush on you merciless. Vocals are mostly made in a growling style, which may be a little monotonous at times but it fits the whole sound. I think that the change from Ula to Radek has forced to band to shift a bit its songwriting and this situation still needs to be methabolised. Anyway, Suffering Mind is a safe bay when it comes to good old school Grindcore!
Water Torture made a huge impression on me with their Shellfire! EP, so I’m always curious to hear anything new from them. This song is quite different from that EP, showing the sludge part of the band, with a low-tuned and bleak approach to the slower side of Powerviolence. It reminds me a lot some Iron Lung compositions, like Cancer, or The Endless Blockade sludgy approach on Angra Maynu. The bass driven style of Water Torture, plus the “far away” pissed off vocals of Water Torture perfectly fits the mood and, even if I prefer when they go full throttle, this is a solid effort. Flawless pairing with Suffering Mind.
This split has been released on a flexi 7″ disc. I only have a digitial promo, but after hearing the latest releases on flexis (the Cremona a Mano Armata compilation, the bonus EP on the Rupture’s Corrupture reissue by FOAD, the reissue of the split between The Kill and Insect Warfare on RSR and so on) I assume it will be a good one in terms of sound quality.


water torture cb

And here we go, Water Torture again. This is the vinyl reissue of a split tape originally released last year which went sold out in a couple of seconds. This single sided 7″ (it clocks under five minutes and a half, by the way) kicks off with the new Buffallo most famous band, which starts with a classic Water Torture song. Fast, punishing and downtuned Powerviolence. There is a lot of “mess” (pass me the term..) soundwise, here, but it’s a rather controlled chaos, which gives the song a strong identityt and a feeling of thickness and power which is very difficult to match (thickness and power. Maybe this is the goal of Powerviolence?). The second song is a slowed down version of Walls by Siege. All Siege’s songs are classics, so you can’t go wrong, but Water Torture managed to deliver a very personal cover version. Thumbs up. By the way, is it just me or the vocals on these two songs are UNBELIAVABLY similar to the voice of Krystina from Curmudgeon?
On the (theorical) B-Side we can find Corrupt Bastards. i’ve never heard anything by this band before and that is a total bummer. This Texas band focus on the “Short, Fast & Loud” formula, mixing it with the “Drum & Bass 2 Pieces Line Up” one. The result is an explosive kind of powerviolence : imagine mixing bands like early Spazz, Lack Of Interest, Infest and Sidetracked. You have the idea? Cool. Then take out the guitars and enhance the bass. The result is a frantic stop-and-go mad fest, with tempo changes and terrific bass lines. This is the kind of music that I can’t get tired of. Seriously. Amazing one, for sure!

Thanks to Maxxwell from Mannequin Rein Records for the promos


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