3 ways to destruction : gaining a leg, being torn apart and getting infected.


Captain 3 Leg is one of those bands that can always take you by surprise. Everytime I put one of their new releases in my Hi-Fi I always wonder what kind of music I’m going to hear. The last time I’ve talked about them (for the Incident At The Ape Canyon compilation) they were dwelling in a very good mix of straight forward grinding hardcore and powerviolence. Now I take this CD in my hands, turn it around, take a look at the titles and..what the fuck? Corridors Of Bone. Disposal Of Amputated Body Parts. Bowel. Is this a C3L records or an Autopsy one? “It must be an inner joke”, I thought. Than I started playing it. Andy did it again. These three fuckers made another flawless attempt in disorientating me, simply making the music they wanted to play, without focusing on a single identity for their band. These fifteen tracks are a great throwback to the early 90’s, with a strong mix between thick grindcore and goregrind. Put A Chapter Of Accident by Dead Infection, Concrete Human Torture by Regurgitate, Righteous Pigs, Terrorizer and Unseen Terror in a blender, mince ’em up and voilà, you have the new Captain 3 Leg music. And that’s just about the music. What really nailed it, in my opinion, are vocals. Those deep, hellish, ogrish barks, with a perfect use of the pitchshifter. A perfect trade d’union between early Last Days Of Humanity, Jaro from Dead Infection, General Surgery’s demos and The County Medical Examiners. Priceless.There’s also some space for a totally weird song, Brests Aren’t For Feeding, with a somewhat cool sixties vibe.
C3L has always been a great band. Andy is a great guy. Love these songs, check ’em out!

NOTE : Andy let me know that no pitchshifter was used on these recordings. My bad. And obvious kudos to them for such an amazing vocal tone!

Whoretorn is a three-piece from France and they, as C3L, were featured on the Incident At Ape Canyon compilation. The fifteen tracks featured on this 3 way are way better than the ones on the compilation and, let me tell you, they’re totally BRUTAL. Whoretorn plays that thick kind of grindcore, with ultra bassy sound and super tight snare drum, so you always feel like you are in a trench, with your legs sinking in the mud and your helmet chipped by the enemies’ fire. All the songs are fast and totally uncompromising, without complex riffing or too much tempo changes. Vocals usually dwell in the low growl area, with some incursions in the raunchy screaming environment. Sometimes things slow down a bit, but no breakdowns here, just an handful of groovy section put there to let you breath for a bunch of seconds. As for C3L, even Whoretorn is a great flashback to the 90’s, before the ultra technical bands and the posh productions. You know, when grindcore was meant to GRIND YOUR FUCKING EARS. Maybe they’re not too sensational or “rad”, but this is grindcore the way it used to be. Fast, unrelenting, uncompromising and, most of all, UGLY. A scary, brutal, bloody monster who reeks of hate and death. Talking about ugly stuff, Whoretorn likes to give some bones to gnaw to the PCs. Totally anti-politically-correct concepts, headshots to the morals and chainsaws in the flesh of shame. You love Rupture? You will love Whoretorn and give ’em an high five in the name of tongue in cheek provocation. You don’t love Rupture? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.

And now, Yeast Infection. This band was a side project of Ace from Dismembered Fetus, so it’s very similar to the “main” band. They used to call themselves Hatecore, which I think is a very fitting description. Haunting, heavy as fuck and monolithic grindcore, with some poisonous burst of pure blind violence. That’s the main recipe for these songs, filled with a strong and throat clutching bass, played the way it should be : with the distortion pedal to the max. The real deal here are the vocals. Good ol’ Ace was a synonymous of quality : each words spit out of his mouth is pissed off and full of hate and, even if he sometimes does a classic growl or screaming, his main style is focused on a throat exploding bark that totally fits the style of the band. When I think about classic American grindcore Dismembered Fetus and Yeast Infection are two of the first names I come up with and the fact that they are still not recognized as heavy weight of the genre makes my heart bleed. I think you should know Yeast Infection by now, if not, expect a total assault of fuzzy and distorted grindcore with one of the best vocalist of the last 15 years spitting out his rage for everything and everyone.

This CD is dedicated to the memory of Ace (1975-2008)
Thanks to David for the promo copy.


~ by petetheripper on August 26, 2013.

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