I’m greedy, but it’s fine.


Do you know that weird feeling when you have to explain what powerviolence is? You try to stick to the original definition (you know, the Man Is The Bastard’s HSMP one), but you find yourself trying to compare five bands with TOTALLY different styles (not to mention Manpig, who released their first record only last year). Scumrock is a definition of style as loose as powerviolence. You can describe it as a raunchy and dirty mix of punk, rock n roll, country, blues, proto thrash metal, hardcore, folk and so on. I usually use ANTiSEEN as the cornerstone of scumrock but even them are too various to give an easy description. But,even if with a so hard to describe musical side, scumrock has a strong, clear and, ironically, pure attitude, so you need just a riff and a vocal line to sream SCUMROCK from the botton of your lungs.

Greedy Mistress is a scumrock outfit hailing from the outskirts of Milan (and of life, quoting the grand master of scum), a strong four pieces with some releases under their belts. It Was Fine is their third album and displays a strong personality with a sharp and mature songwriting. Songs are not very fast, dwelling in the grey area between mid-tempos and double barrell 4/4 assault. Their style is more on the hardcore side of things, with a strong swamp feeling, reminding a lot bands like The Nerds, Rancid Vat and Hammerlock, but without losing a strong Greedy Mistress soul. I think that one of the best aspects of the band is that they are Italian and they don’t forget about it. There’s a vague and haunting vibe of 80’s Italian hardcore, mixed with some straightforward thrash moments, not far from the good ol’ Bulldozer (I Wish You Were Never Born). But it’s when the songs change shift and the ANTiSEEN demon crawls in their songs that things really start to kick asses. Two Timer Motherfucker and Fistful Of Nothing are instant-anthems and you just can’t help to imagine the frontman Mollu with blood spilling from his forehead and the mike tightly clutched with both hands. This brings out another awesome aspect of the band : their live shows. If you come to Italy and they have a gig planned, don’t miss it, you’re gonna have 100% fun guarantee!


And you know, I’m a romantic sould, and I want to point out my friends’ amazing work, so kudos to Carletto (who also plays drums in Greedy Mistress) for the usual AMAZING production (at his Toxic Basement Studio) and to the super-sweet Shyla for the cover picture.
Well, in the end, the verdict : this album won’t change much BUT it’s a strong record, drenched with blood and sweat, full of honesty and passion. Support these guys, watch them live and do a mike-grab with Mollu. They totally deserve it.
Oh, did I mention the ghost track? A cover version of Alice Cooper’s I Love The Dead sung by the Heavyweight Champion of Rock n Roll himself, Jeff Clayton!


~ by petetheripper on August 25, 2013.

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