Incident At Ape Canyon : a lesson in ruling hard


The compilation starts with Violent Headache, one of the best bands in the history of European grindcore. The Spanish band is a sure deal, plus these recordings come from a 1996 recording (meant to be released on a never printed split with Anticlerical), so between the classics split EPs with Proyecto Terror and Carcass Grinder. What can I say? This is pure, pounding and passionate old school raw grindcore, maybe not so fast or brutal, but totally enjoyable and full of energy. This recordings come before the slightly crust switch the band had with their album Bombs Of Crust, but some signals of the change can be heard here and there. I want to point out the great basswork of Chico and the amazing sound of these songs, which perfectly mixes the brutal and raw soul of Violent Headache with a rather clear recording. The last song is an HHH cover version, so you have another reason to think that you can’t get wrong with this band.

Next, ladies and gentlemen, the best, in my opinion, songs by Captain Three Leg EVER. This band changed their style a lot during the years, but this time I think they really nailed it. This is the kind of songs that a band can release only if its members have a wide range of musical tastes. How can I describe these songs? Mix a slowed down collaboration between Spazz and Infest, add some raw grind here and there and pour a HUGE DOSE of Rupture. So, Rupture-influenced-powerviolence? Powerviolence-drive-Rupture-worship? Call it like you want, this is just great. There are also some very cool old school punk (scandi and UK!) sections here and there. The scum punk feeling that flows through these songs is really inspiring. Rupture. The Scroungers. Netjajev SS. You know the deal. Pure fan. Raise your beer and band your head.
p.s. don’t worry when you’ll here the noises on track 22. Just read the title and enjoy the inside joke!

Wadge time! This Canadian band has a long history and it still kicks asses. I have to say that I’m not a fan of all their records, but on this comp they really nail it with three solid and intense grindcore songs. As always their main concept sticks to Hawaiian folklore and the guitar work gives the feeling of deep sea misteries, haunting bonfires in the night and ritual dances. Wadge is an insititution in grindcore and these songs continue their legacy. I still use the “they” pronoun talking about Wadge, even if I think that only Paul is in the band right now.

And when you talk about Iron Butter you have to talk about fun. This four-pieces from New York has a long history of great split EPs with bands like Mesrine, Unholy Grave, SMG, Rot and Archagathus and sticks to their classic formula of strong and spazzztic grinding noisecore. High feedbacks, short bursts of noise, scream/growl alternance, messy sounds, rancid bass and so on. Imagine a messy mix of Deche Charge, Fear Of God, Anal Massaker and Sore Throat. With a deranged twist. Plus, the last tracks is just hilarious.

And now, Rupture. Kneel! Behold the power of the best punk band ever. There are no infos about these recordings, but they really sound in the vein of the early stuff, like Baser Apes, Righteousfuck, Corrupture and Lust And Hate. Fast, blistering, uncompromising and totally poisonous full throttle punk. You either love or hate Rupture, but if you hate them you really should reconsider your life.

Fossil Fuel is a new one for me and, well, a really odd one. They sound like a weird mix between 50 Ways To Kill Me and GG Allin. This stuff just doesn’t work, for me. Sorry guys, but I really think you’re on the wrong compilation. Maybe not as attitude or whatever, but surely your music doesn’t fit between Rupture and Pantalones Abajo Marinero. Sorry.

I was talking about Pantalones Abajo Marinero, right? I thought this band was over and, suddenly, BAM, they appear on a compilation. No infos and twenty untitled tracks from them. Typical. This no bass duo delivers an amazing amount of HOLY SHIT grindcore, fast, unforgiving and with a cold sound that will make your ears bleed. This is totally the kind of music I expect from a band coming from the late 90’s and released by Discos Al Pacino. You will love every single note of these songs. No time to breath, no time to think, just bang your head and blastbeat on your furniture with your fingers. In my opinion, one of the best bands on this compilation.

Whoretorn is dead, now. And that’s a total bummer. They weren’t the best grindcore band on the planet, but they deliver two songs of really honest and well played grind, with a lot of emphasis on the low side of the frequencies, making their sound heavy as fuck and hard to handle for weak ears. Nothing too personal, but really effective, with a strong groovy side of the songs, coupled with faster blastbeat ridden sections. Cool band, too bad they split up.

I’ve already talked about Dysmorfic when I reviewed their split with Progeria, and it’s always a pleasure. This Italian band delivers five songs of amazing death influenced grind, with a lot of groove and brutality, coupled with a very nice guitar work and a strong attention to shades. Really not bad, even if the songs are maybe a little bit too long, but that’s a minor flow. During the first listenings the fact that they stick to a linear growling style may be a letdown, but it will grow on you after each listenings. Check out these guys!


[Released by At War With False Noise, DIY Noise, Hurts To Hear, Pure Fckn’ Hate Prod. & Luchacore Records]

[Thanks to Andy & David for the CD!]


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