Growing up : Cripple Bastards – Live To Hate People



At the end of the first pack of songs of this live album Giulio shouts “Gesù o Barabba?” to a rioting crowd. The choice. Which side? Sometimes music, particularly punk music, needs a choice, a selection between different and competing factions. Choosing between Jesus or Barabbas is something that is inside of every person with a strong critical soul. You come to a moment in life when you need to put yourself in a faction, ending the neverending struggle in the grey zone. Growing up in Italy and listening to hardcore, grindcore and so on, puts yourself in that situation. You’re with or against Cripple Bastards? It’s very hard to be neutral about it. VERY hard. Are you with Jesus or with Barabbas? You have to choose. Do what you want, do what you like, but remember that a decision is worthy only if made after knowing everything you need to know about the matter. Don’t pose. Don’t take a stand without searching the depth of a band that has been around since before you were born. I’ve made my choice. I’m here because of Cripple Bastards, they made me find a light in the dark and frustration brought by living in Asti. They raised me. They made me wanting to be part of something bigger than just me and my records. I know them. I know every note they recorded. I’ve seen them live more than any other band. I know every word of their songs. I’ve made my choice.

This record is something more than just a live album. It’s a statement. The first songs are form the infamous Rovereto gig, with people rioting and boycotting the band, shouting insults at them. You can be with them or with the band. Make your own choice. I think that Cripple Bastards are the way they are also because of all the curses they received during the years, feeding their hating side and making their songs harder and harder.

Jesus or Barabbas? Take a stand.

On a sidenote, this is the best sounding live recording in all the 25 years of the Bastards’ career, with a song, Self-Zeroing, that stood for a very short time in the band’s set list. The original songs from the first Live To Hate People 3″ MCD are included. Out on F.O.A.D. Records.


Thanks to Giulio & Luca for the CD.


~ by petetheripper on April 23, 2013.

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