Tsubo & Suffering : A Joint Venture Since 199x


Tsubo is a band based in Rome, which has been around for ten years, but only releasing a split 7″, a 4 way CD and a full lenght album. This is their sopohomore release and I can say it’s also their best effort so far. Tsubo always focused on a mix of death metal and grindcore, mixing the power of the former to the speed of the latter. I’ve seen them live in 2007 and the mix worked out really well, while I’ve always thought that their recordings were a bit too rigid, with the death metal influence holding down the potential of the songs. Four years have passed since their latest release (the split EP with Agathocles) and I think that all this time was a good chance for improving their sound. “Con Cognizione Di Causa” is a solid record, the best Tsubo release so far, without any doubt. Their sound is still a mix of the above mentioned genres, but they managed to add a lot of freshness to the songs, making them sound fast yet powerful, heavy yet quick. The lenght of the compositions varies a lot, going from a few seconds to three minutes. The last song, “Colto Da Disperazione”, lasts way longer, but it has a long instrumental coda, so, well, it’s not a solid six minutes grind fest. I want to point out the guitar riffing, created with a solid thrash base and able to span to grindcore and death metal licks. Tsubo recorded two covers for this album, Salt Mine by Assuck and Storm Of Stress by Terrorizer. Mixing those two bands and adding some Deeds Of Flesh, some Possessed and a solid early Brutal Truth vibe can describe how Tsubo sounds. The result is a good record, which can finally stand out in the grindcore underground, side to side with great Italian bands of our days like Ape Unit, O, Terror Firmer or Zeit Geist. There’s still something to do, like making songs a bit more personal, but I really think that “Con Cognizione Di Causa” is a good checkpoint for Tsubo. Give ’em a try!

Thanks to Manuel & Tsubo for the promo


~ by petetheripper on April 8, 2013.

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