Not enough crosses to satisfy my hunger

I first came in touch with the work of Rubens when I received a copy of his drone side project, Void, and got instantly caught by the great atmosphere it was able to recreate. Some months later I received a promo for reviewing the first album by his main band, Hungry Like Rakovitz, and I was very happy to hear such a powerful and original band from Italy. Some years have passed and now it’s time to write some words about the new album by HLR.


The Cross Is Not Enough is a great record. Let me say it before going in the depths of its songs. Hungry Like Rakovitz changed their sound, putting the black metal influences a bit aside and expanding the range of vibes they could add to their music. They can still be described as a mix of grindcore, black metal and post core, but there’s something more. Rubens improved his vocal skills and the voice is more powerful and, most of all, has a wider range of sounds. This improvement enhanches the dynamics of the album, making it sound freshier and less bound to classic cliches. Music-wise they are playing a bit faster than before, keeping the road started with their split EP with O. The songs are carchy yet violent and powerful, with a cold yet passionate sound, filled with edgy chords and devastating drums. There are a lot of formal contradictions going on here. There are some cool melodies but you just can’t call this album a melodic extreme music record. As said before, the sound is cold, edgy, unforgiving, but still filled with passion and pulsating energy. I liked a lot the times when songs slow down a bit, punishing yourself with interesting and fresh breakdowns, not too far from some palm muting solutions used by The Rotted. After the half of the album (making “Putrefiction” the ideal limit), songs start to sound a bit more schizoid, like “The Size Of The Horn” and “The Beard Of Satan”, and you can also hear  a composition that could be written by Impaled Nazarene, “We Who Fuck The Darkness”. The post-core vibe is till strong, but it’s more subtle than before, making The Cross Is Not Enough easier to appreciate even to those, like me, who don’t like that kind of sound.

So, if you want a dark and powerful grindcore album filled with different influences and that can sound very fresh and enjoyable, give this record a spin!

Thanks to Rubens for the promo.


~ by petetheripper on March 10, 2013.

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