Terror induced Insomnia : just drink your pain away

It’s always a great time when Insomnia Isterica release a new record. The Swiss grindcore outfit is made by four freaks who love to drink and blast at blistering speed. Being friends of mine I’m always really happy to listen to some new tunes by them, but I think this time they’ve really outdone themselves. Their previous best moment was, in my opinion, the split tape with Psychotic Sufferance but this split with Terror Firmer has taken the throne reserved for the Insomnia Isterica true masterpiece. The Tessiner warriors deliver six songs of brutal and unrelenting grindcore, mixing classic grinding moments to groovy parts that will take your beath away. I’ve always thought that the greatest quality of the band were the vocals, because all four members shared that duty. On this recording vocals are recorded only by two of them, Giulio and Attila, but they managed to use a lot of different styles, going from classic growling, to screaming, caveman grunts and classic hardcore raunchy barks. Maybe you’ve already listened to Insomnia Isterica, so you know that they started as a mix between Cripple Bastards and all the classic 90’s grindcore, with powerviolence and fast hardcore as subtle influences. I know (yeah, I know it, guys), that at least one of the members (Giulio, I’m talking about you) is a great fan of Archagathus and you can clearly listen that influence now. They go fast and powerful, without leaving room for breathing, but when they start to mince and deliver the groovy parts (like in the first song, Onesta Constatazione) you’ll hear the King Of Mince hand in their songwriting and you’ll know what to do : low your head, run with your knees really high and mosh through your fucking room! This side is pure grindcore fun, with fast sections, killer groovy ones and an amazing usage of vocals. Hail the lords of Swisshide Mountains!

You should already know Terror Firmer for a bunch of really cool split EPs with bands such as Humus, Eating Machine, Minkions and Social Chaos. And also because I’ve already reviewed them, if you are a regular reader. Anyway, they’re an all star band, with members of Jesus Ain’t In Poland, Cancer Spreading, Black Temple Below and Repulsione. This side of the split is not very different from their previous releases, even if they sound a bit heavier than before. Their kind of music is a very cool mix between fast crust, thrashcore and old school grindcore, but I think you can easily imagine them as a brutal compendium of the first 20/25 releases of Earache, so put Napalm Death, Spazztic Blurr, Heresy, Concrete Sox, O.L.D., Intense Degree, Unseen Terror, Filthy Christians and Sore Throat in a big grinder (oh oh oh, sweet, sweet irony) and listen to the result. Fast song, crunchy guitars, moshing sections, Disrupt like vocals, distortion-drenched bass, battle drums. Everything is in the right place for all the old school grindcore fans. The Troma reference in the monicker and the cover version of I’m Positive by Fear Of God (bow to the kings) are nice addition to an already great side.

This split EP is GREAT. Both bands rule very hard, their lyrics are clever and never boring, you will find the purest grinding songs mixed with a lot of groovy parts that will make your neck snap, the artwork is amazing and the colored vinyl looks great. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR? BUY THIS RECORD, FOR GRIND’S SAKE!


~ by petetheripper on January 17, 2013.

3 Responses to “Terror induced Insomnia : just drink your pain away”

  1. grazie mille! sei la più bella del letame!

  2. Il Bongio è stupendo, la musica è cacca!

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