Make ’em suffer then kill ’em all!


Let’s talk about extreme music stereotypes. Finnish make some badass suicidal black metal, while Norwegian one is the only true one. Mexican bands can compose some fine and fucked up gore grind, while Brazilian one always verge on the crusty side. Japanese musician, fuck, they are so weird and out of mind that you can compare Frank Zappa to Manowar, while American grindcore bands always flirt with powerviolence and classic hardcore. And Australia? Australia is the country of one of the fastest and most powerful grindcore around.

Well, stereotypes are often wrong, we all know that, but, with Australia, you can follow the cliché. Agents Of Abhorrence, Captain Cleanoff, Extortion, Suffer, Internal Rot, Warsore, Default, Roskopp. Those are just some great examples of extreme bands from the land of boomerangs that can rip your face off with their AMAZING kind of music. And then there’s The Kill. This band has been around for a while now but they haven’t managed to build a very big discography and that’s a real shame because the moment you put Make ‘Em Suffer in your stereo you will be assaulted by one of the fiercest records around nowdays. If you want a cheap ass description about how The Kill sounds I can go with one single word : grindcore. Is that cheap enough? I know it is, but I think this band perfectly fits in the classic definition of the genre, pushing its limits in the ultra fast environment without losing one ounce of groove and power. Fifteen songs in just a little bit more than nineteen minutes, I think that this is already a great way to put you in the mood for this album. Amazing machinegun-like drumming, catchy riffs and ripping vocals. Everything is in the right place. If you were whining about the break-up of Insect Warfare you can wipe your tears and start to smile, The Kill is here to blast everything off. Plus, you will also receive a bonus cover version of Slayer’s Necrophobic. It’s not easy covering such a famous tune by a god-like band like Slayer but The Kill managed to succeed in an amazing way, adding a lot of blastbeats and creating a brilliant version of a classic.

So, what do you want to read more? This record is an instant classic and one of the best grindcore releases of the last few years. If you want your music to choke you with unforgiving speed and brutality, Make ‘Em  Suffer by The Kill should be one of your first choices.

Thanks to Rob for the promo.


~ by petetheripper on January 15, 2013.

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  1. right fucking on!

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