Stone Titan is a three piece hailing from Connecticut featuring the guitar player (Scott Martin) from Big Business. They play a heavy psychedelic kind of sludgy stoner, with an amazing guitar work and a deep bass sound. They put a lot of effort in creating a powerful dose of groove, usually cominbing mesmerizing drums/bass patterns and effects-ridden guitar riffing. The final result is something very similar to bands like Acid King and early Spiritual Beggars, but they also reminded me Italian acts such as Gum, El Thule or Stoner Kebab. The two songs featured on this tape are called (according to Metal Archives, my copy doesn’t have the info sheer) Tengutake (the shorter one) and Stab You In The Fucking Ear With A Knife. I really have to say that the approach to this kind of music by Stone Titan is reallt good and the lo fi production adds a lot of charme to this release. This was their second output after a single EP and since then (2010) they made only an appereance on a compilation and released a self titled EP. This band sounds really great, check ’em out!

Gowl is a three piece from Connecticut and play a noise and punishing kind of raw grindcore. Musical wise they sound like earl Napalm Death with a bit of Violent Headache and Unholy Grave thrown in the mix, only recorded with a shitload of feedbacks and reverb. It’s like if 7 Minutes Of Nausea started to play classic and straight forward grindcore without changing anything about their choice of sounds. This is very old school yet refreshing, sounding like an early 90’s demo but with a strong influence by the more recent raw grindcore revival bands. If you’re into early Archagathus or bands like Sengaya, Dispepsiaa and Violent Gorge you will love this. The huge amount of noise added to the songs is like a bond between each one of them, making the whole Gowl side sound like a neverending whirlwind of unforgiving chords, growls and pounding drums. I want to point out that vocals are amazing. They’ve been recorded with a terrific sounding delay/reverb effect which adds that late 80’s feeling to the band. I think the best song here is the second one, Lee-Hi, but the whole side is just great. There’s also a Stone Titan cover thrown in, which is a great one. A grindcore band covering a sludge one. Classy.

GOWL – 2

This is the second full tape by the Connecticut band. This one starts a little bit slower than the previous one and the first thing that stands out is the change in the choice of vocals effects. Now they’re more saturated, with almost no reverb. Aftet the first one songs speed up a bit, but the feedback layer is almost gone here, with compositions sounding a bit more classic and less violent. There’s a chaotic feeling lurking through the notes of this EP, with a vibe that reminds me bands like Violent Noise Attack, early Cripple Bastards and even something from the first Patareni’s recordings. The old school sound is still intact, even if I think that changing the vocals effects made these songs lose something compared to the split with Stone Titan. Songwriting is still very good, but there’s a feeling of unsatisfaction that attacks me when I compare the two recordings. And that’s quite odd, because a bunch of songs are featured in both of them. I think the point is that this recordings sound weaker then the previous one, thus failing in terms of “violence”. Still a nice listening, but Gowl can do better then this.


This is the latest output bu Gowl and, let me say this, it RULES. It features nine songs plus an intro and displays a band in amazing shape. The sound is just perfect, clean enough to sound powerful and punchy, but still very harsh so it doesn’t lose an ounce of brutality. They dwell in the classic grindcore environment, with strong influences by early Agathocles, Terrorizer, Assuck, Dahmer and so on. Except for some (relatively) slower sections there is no time to breathe here, with great blastbeatting fun and raw guitar riffing. Seth sticks to a classic deep growl enhanching the feeling of old demo tapes and EPs with xeroxed covers. This is a top notch release and you’ll find yourself reversing the tape again and again. I don’t know what to say anymore, this is just PURE FUCKING GRINDCORE. For me, it’s an instant classic. Support this band motherfuckers!

Huge thanks to Seth for the tapes!


~ by petetheripper on November 25, 2012.

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