Records with artworks featuring a sideview of an head : JAIP vs Zeit Geist



Four years ago a new band out of Modena, Italy, released an EP called Holobscene. That band was Jesus Ain’t In Poland and, probably, wasn’t realizing what kind of bomb they dropped. That CD is probably in every grindster’s collection now and it’s one of the best releases out of Italy in the last ten years. Songs like The Monkey Valley, Cyclops or Scum are still great now and are a great example of how you can play fantastic grindcore in the 21st century. A lot of time passed and only a bunch of months ago they released their second record, a full length, called Freiheit Macht Frei. There was a lot of hype preceeding the first Jesus Ain’t In Poland album and I have to say it almost deserved all the attention it received. First of all their style hasn’t changed that much. They are just a bit more deep in matter of songwriting, even if that is meaning that they lost a bit of their primordial aggression displayed in Holobscene. Songs are all fast, blistering and unmerciful, with a fantastic drumming and the usual classic voice of Julli enhanching the aggressive feeling of the record. The fifteen tracks flow one into the next without problems and you will end up being unsatisfied with just one listening and you HAVE TO push play another time. There are also some cool slower sections, like in My God Is My Will or Blessed Be. If I have to point out some bands to sum up JAIP’s sound I can tell that they are a mix of Assuck, early ’00s Cripple Bastards, Brutal Truth and Phobia, plus a shade of American brutal death (e.g. Disgorge). The only thing that I’m not really fond of is the production, which seems a little bit too clean and tends to flatten some parts that could be more powerful with a choice of warmer sounds. Anyway, this is a very good follow up to their amazing debut Holobscene and still put Jesus Ain’t In Poland on the front line of Italian grindcore.


Thanks to Ricky for the CD!




Turin is famous for its hardcore scene, which spawned an huge amount of great bands, both in the 80’s (Negazione, Declino, Quinto Braccio…) and in the 90’s (Arturo, Crunch, Belli Cosi, Frammenti..) and now the city expectorates a very cool grindcore act, called Zeit Geist. These guys have already released a self titled demo a couple of years ago, which featured seven songs, all included in this first official release, plus three new ones. Their style is quite simple, perfectly fitting a classic grindcore formula mixed with death metal and crust. If I have to make one of my influences recipe, I think I’ll start with a solid base of Spanish and Canadian grindcore, like Looking For An Answer and Ras for the former and the more recent stuff by Mesrine for the latter, the add a small dose of Assuck and Realized, a shade of Swedish Death Metal and some of the thickier crust you can think about (like Mouth Sewn Shut or the last offerings by Amebix). You will have a strong grindcore band, with some death emtal riffing, a powerful growling mixed with a raunchy throat bursting cleaner voice and some very cool crusty groove sections. The seven songs already featured on the demo have a rawer sound, while the last three are a bit cleaner. I really like this band, tehir songs are well composed and full of energy and, even if they are not reinvinting or revolutioning anything, they are still kicking asses.


Thanks to Fefo for the CD!


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2 Responses to “Records with artworks featuring a sideview of an head : JAIP vs Zeit Geist”

  1. belli entrambi!!!

  2. Sick, I’ll have to check these records out.

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