Wage Garnisher is a band from Winnipeg and this is my second encounter with them. My first one was with a split tape with the almighty Disleksick, when they were a three pieces and played a slowed down noisy grindcore. Now things have changed. Simon linked me these new songs, which are going to be released as a split with LT.Dan and, looking at the band’s site, I can assume they are a two pieces band right now. Their style shifted to a slightly faster and more aggressive kind of grindcore, with a nice load of powerviolence influences thrown in the mix. Songs are very good and, in my opinion, blast away the older stuff by the Garnisher. This stuff is thick, powerful, with a nice classic grindcore influence, e.g. Warsore, Dahmer, plus a more modern approach, which reminded me stuff like Dismembered Fetus or the noisy stuff of SMG, plus an always appreciated connection to Crossed Out and similar bands. “Sing Some Songs, Have Some Prayer” is an amazing tune and surely the best one out of the recording, while “Thee Ahnd” is a power electronics/noise closing piece which I find a bit too boring and out of context. Anyway, give these guys a spin, they deserve it!


TENSION is a three pieces band from O.C. and they alreased released a self titled demo and a live recording on CD-r. Now they just released a split EP with xMAYONNAISETHEBASTARDx, which I think it’s their best work ever. Check ’em out!


~ by petetheripper on September 19, 2012.

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