Living in the shadow of the blade : Column Of Heaven – Mission From God

This is probably one of the mosy hyped releases of the year, at least for me. Being a huge Endless Blockade fan and after having enojoyed the very cool Ecstatically Embracing all that we Habitually Suppress demo tape I couldn’t wait to listen to the first album by Column of Heaven. The first impact with it was great. The coverart, the symbols printed on the inlays, the fonts. Everything is in the right place and helps you to set the mood of the music you’re going to hear. The music, yeah. I don’t want to talk much about what are you going to listen, hoenstly. This record has been available for streaming and even for free download for a lot ot time, so I assume almost everyone who’s reading this review has already listened to Mission From God. The eleven songs on this LP are a great way to sum up all the Nolan’s work in all his projects. They start where The Endless Blockade ended, but with a nice “old” twist. Imagine if the band is sitting at a table and put everything they accomplished with the Blockade on it (the thick sound, the electronic sections, the powerful atmoshperes, the noise, everything) and then they start to take out all the most modern sounding bits and replacing them with a solid, classic basis of hardcore. Then add the sheer power of Shank, the noises of Joshua Norton Cabal, the straight to the face aggression of Winter’s Agony and the distorted point of view on the world of Pig Hearts Transplant. Well, that’s the simplest way I can find to describe Column Of Heaven. Maybe a “less powerviolence than Endless Blockade, more noise and hardcore” could also go, but just if  don’t like to catch the hues. And now, let’s talk about the most important thing, the concept. When I first read about it I was STOKED. I haven’t listened to Mission From God in streaming, I wanted to wait for the physical copy. When it arrived, I put on my headphones, served me a glass of porto, sit on the sofa and blasted it with the lyrics sheet in my hands. I think it’s the only way to enjoy this album. Not in your car, not on your portable player, hell, I can’t even imagine these songs played live. I have to eb alone, with nothing but two inputs. My ears and my eyes. Music and words. Every song is a trip in the dark fog of the Yorkshire, feeling the anxiethy and the fear of losing someone you love. You’ll feel the empathy in your bowels, the power of dark and terrified thoughts will smash your brain. The album ideologically embraces the period of time between one murder by the Ripper and the next one, starting with “After The Mission” and ending with “Before The Mission” and perfectly describes the maze of feelings felt by Nolan himself. This i a very cool sounding record, with great songs and a heavily addicting songwriting, but, more then everything, this is one of the sickest and powerful trip in the minds of the victim of a murderer, who symbolize everything that stresses you, harms you and challenges your faith in being happy one day, desecrating your life, your soul and everything worthy for you. Probably, my first choice for the album of the year.

p.s. on the release show of this record a bunch of tapes called “Soldier’s Field” were sold. That recording completes the album and now, sadly, is only available for streaming and download. Giv it a listen!


~ by petetheripper on September 14, 2012.

3 Responses to “Living in the shadow of the blade : Column Of Heaven – Mission From God”

  1. bravo simone, bella recensione. disco superbo!

  2. This disc is SO sick.

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