Prepare for the Mindscan – Hidden Agenda EP

Prepare For The Mindscan is a two piece band splitted between Buffalo, NY (Jay) and Hong Kong (Steve). Jay is on guitar and vocal duties, while drums are Steve’s affair. This 2012 EP, called Hidden Agenda, is their first release and it’s a live recording of an Hong Kong show, which took place in a venue that goes by the same name of the EP. The sound quality is quite good, even if vocals tend to cover guitars a bit too much, but I’ll talk about this aspect later. The first song is a long instrumental one and, let me say it, this is very good! I love instrumental grinding songs and this one perfectly fits the mood. The other four tracks are played almost with the same style : a grinding mix of hardcore, thrash and sludgy powerviolence. The songs structure usually is made with a mix of chaotic sections, groovy parts and sludgy breakdowns. The music is quite good and interesting, especially fot those who love mid paced powerviolence songs which feature faster and more hardcore/grindcore sparks. Vocals are, sometimes, the weak point of this release. The growling is quite good, mostly when used in the groovier moments and even the screaming is nice, even if rarely used. The main putdown is the cleaner vocals, which sounds a bit too clumsy, but, well, this is a live recording, there are a shitload of external factors that could influence the performance. Listen to this one and keep an eye open for Prepare For The Mindscan. There are a lot of nice seeds sowed in these songs, so I think I’ll wait for a studio recording for a complete opinion about them.



~ by petetheripper on September 3, 2012.

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