Error is a three piece hailing from Iowa and this is, as far as I know, their first release. Their style is a powerviolence/grindcore influenced hardcore, with a lot of sludgy parts thrown in the mix. This kind of sound is a little bit abused these days, but, I think, Error manages to stand out in their own way. There no infos about the recording, but the mixing choice is very good and drums and guitars are great sounding and the lack of a bass player isn’t a big issue. The overall feeling of Error is discomfort, expectorated with a powerful “teenage” angst that makes this tape sound so fresh and genuine. The motto in their bandcamp is “headbang in the basement” and, well, I think it really fits their sound. The songs are frantic, powerful and with a simple yet addictive riffing. Vocal wise John shifts from a sleazy and high pitched screaming (not in a grind/black way, tough), to a great classic pissed off hardcore grunt, sometimes screaming, sometimes growling. The fast parts are simply great, amazingly enjoyable and right to the point, there’s no fucking around here, but I think that slower sections really nail it. The breath taking, sould crushing slowness of the riffs is great and make this tape sound very brutal. The tempo changes, the vocal assault and the great instrumental fury make Error a GREAT band to check out. They can slit your throat with a full speed attack (Money Still Stinks, Crude Mode) or slowly choke you (I Can’t Be A Sex Symbol (On My Own Terms)) but, either way, you won’t just stop listening to this tape for a while. Amazing one, keep an open spot on your end-of-the-year chart.


~ by petetheripper on September 3, 2012.

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