Bulgarian noise army!

Bulgaria is a country out of the classic places that come to your mind when you think about extreme music. The only band I could come out when Trifon sent me this compilation, called Bulgarian Death Grind Noise Brigade #, was his own one, Sauerkraut. Listening to the CD I’ve found a lot of new bands some interesting, some forgetting but everyone with something to say. I really love finding out new bands from places that I don’t know, it stimulates me and gives me hope about the health of extreme music. So, well, let’s get down to business!

The compilation starts with Talasum. I couldn’t find any info about ’em, but I’m not very impressed about this song. Their style is a melodic kind of death metal, with weird vocals and, probably, a drum machine. There are also some symphonic parts here and there, adding a strange Summoning feeling to it. Hatebomb deals more with classic Death Metal. Their sound is monolithic, powerful and heavy and it’s very enjoyable even if they’re VERY derivative and similar to a lot of other bands. They reminded me a mix of Fleshless, Bolt Thrower and early Death and Deicide. Abaddon was a very good surprise. They still dwell in the death metal environment, mixing it with epic sections and a bit of Swedish influence. The voice is a deep growl that perfectly fits with the music. Nice one! Act Of Grotesque starts to shift to the gore side of music, with complex songs’ structures that reminded me a bit of Sanatorium, added to the classic brutality of early Cannibal Corpse. They don’t go that much fast but they still keep their music hard and powerful. Vomit Erection plays two songs of porno goregrind, with groovy parts mixed with faster ones. This is quite good, reminding me a lot of a groovier version of Autophagia. Segmented delivers one of very fast thrashy death metal, influenced by Slayer and Deicide. This is quite boring and I think can only be appealed by die hard classic death metal fans. Massgrave (damn, how many bands are called like that?) is a crusty death metal band, you know, put Autopsy, Discharge and Bolt Thrower and you can play a perfect cocktail. This stuff is one of the the most unoriginal kind of music around but it’s VERY enjoyable, so listen to them and start to bang your head. Unhumanity plays a very nice kind of death metal, with interesting song structures and a nice solo put there to melt your ears. This is simple stuff but, as usually happens, it’s very effective. Soul Absorber is a new project by Tony of Barcass fame. These two songs are two great bursts of noisy and dirty grindcore, all excreted in a bunch of seconds. Strong guitars, great growl, amazing bass sounds. Tony knows how to deal with this kind of things. Grufax is a grind combo with not-so-fast songs and a very nice guitar sound. They reminded me a lot the early-00’s Agathocles production, just with way cooler instrumental sections.  BOA delivers two songs, one recorded live, the other in studio. Their style is a fastcore-influenced grindcore, reminding me some stuff by SMG and later Violent Headache. Nothing too memorable, to be honest. Grossness is a nosie outfit playing quite structured very short songs made by the classic 1-2-3-4 made with drumisticks followed by a burst of grinding noisecore. They reminded me a mix made with early Cripple Bastards, Permanent Death and New York Against The Belzebu. Not bad at all. K.P.I.P.S.E.N.B.D.S.M. delivers a bunch of live songs, crafted in the Agathocles way, with a strong D-beat enhanched by faster parts and noise inserts. This is quite good, even if some of the joking interludes are really not my cup of tea. Sauerkraut is a well known band and already appeared on this pages. They start with a cover of Agathocles (Forced Pollution) and you know you can’t go wrong with something like that, then they deliver two classic noisy grindcore songs. They are nice and very well made, maybe the only flaw being the voice too much in the front, but hey, it’s grindcore, not prog rock, I’m not complaining. A.F.G. sounds loike impro stuff to me. The (very) fuzzy guitar and the sleazy screams duel during bursting songs that alternate fast and slower sections, making this excerpt weird but very enjoyable. Let’s remain in the noise mood, because Jareniy Ciplionok plays it the way it used to be, just like 7 Minutes Of Nausea taught us. A neverending feedback is the ground for making short songs explode, just announced by the classic four smashes on the charleston. This is nothing new but listening to noisecore the way it used to be is always great. The last band is Katorga and…well…I really don’t know what to say. Maybe the best way I can figure out to describe this band is “proto black” but this is just a linear drum tone with a monotonic voice over it. Nothing more, nothing less…

Well, this compilation is a very big mash up of genres, but, overall, it’s an interesting display of a growing scene. Support Bulgaria! I want to thank Trifon for this CD, contact him if you want one at sauerkraut[at]abv[dot]bg !


~ by petetheripper on August 24, 2012.

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