Mortification in Croatia

Desinence Mortification is a band from Croatia, sporting a bunch of songs from different sessions. The first block of songs is from their 2009 album, which I think it’s the one called 15 Years of Grind Sacrifice. Anyway, those songs are a good mix between classic grindcore sound, death metal (especially in drumming and vocals) and a bit of crust. The mix works well, at least for six songs, while I think this kind of music gets pretty boring if lasting for the length of a full album. The production is very good and clear, displaying a very nice songwriting. From the 7th track you can find seven songs from a 2001 Demo. The style is very similar to the one used in the first songs, even if these ones are a bit faster than the former. Drumming is less death oriented and everything sounds more like straight forward grindcore. The sounds are dirtier and I think they suit better the style of the band. The last song of the bunch is a cool medley of Patareni and Fear Of God tunes, good one guys! The last block of tracks are from a live show hosted in Pula in November og 1995. Half of the tunes are cover version, mostly from Patareni classics like Fuck You All and Ne Gnoji, while one is Napalm Death’s Lucid Fairytale. The sound quality is very low and everything is way messier than the demo. Anyway, this is an old school Croatian band playing a live show in their hometown, jamming Patareni tunes and talking A LOT between each song, I would be disappointed if those recordings were clean and polished.

Giht Shasie is another band from Croatia and its side is equally split between own songs and remixes by other artists. The first ten tunes are all played by the band, with also a Queen (!!!) and a Patareni covers. Kudos to the band for putting a sample from The Goonies at the beginning of “Una Fortima Lagrima”. The style of the band is a powerful kind of grindcore, with heavy blasts and harsh vocals. There are a lot of electronic vibes going on here, and the band can be classified as cyber grindcore without making any mistake. Sometimes the digital side of the band is subtle, other times is way stronger, like in “Tito Tudman Tarantino”. Their style reminded me a lot of a more grinding version of bands like Tourette Syndrome and Nunwhore Commando 666, just without the porno concepts and sounds. I usually grow tired very easily listening to this kind of grindcore, but Giht Sahsie managed to write very good and enjoyable songs. The remixes are made by artists such as Electrocutionerds, Rural, Mad Shepard, Gruuthaagy and others. I think that Electrutionerdz does the best one, but I’ve always loved his work, so I think I’m a bit on the fan side. Anyway, all these experiments are very good and add a nice touch to the release. This band is quite a surprise and I’ve really enjoyed it, but in the bio they state that the band is often on hiatus and cursed by the demon of line up changes, so I think that Giht Sahsie will be a tough one to follow.

Thanks to Darko / Hyperion Records for the CD.


~ by petetheripper on July 23, 2012.

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