Fingerprints of the insane : Cripple Bastards’ Senza Impronte EP

I’m really happy to listen to a new EP by Cripple Bastards. Variante Alla Morte came out in 2008 and since then they released only cover albums (the new Frammenti di Vita and the split 6″ with Looking For An Answer). This is their first effort on Relapse Records and the first full EP since Il Grande Silenzio, released back in 2000. My expectations was very high and I decided to wait the physical copy of the record instead of giving more than one listening to the streaming posted some weeks ago. I have two reasons for doing that : the sound quality and the lyrics. The former is easy to understand, no mp3 streaming can beat a vinyl, the latter was mandatory because you have to read the lyrics to truely appreciate this band. Cripple Bastards delivers fifteen tunes on this 7″, four new grind songs, one new edition of an old one and ten noisecore bursts. I really like the way CB went back to use noisecore in their releases, since I really think that style fits perfectly in an album logic, like in Misantropo A Senso Unico and Variante Alla Morte, and just don’t forget that the band was a pioneer of short bursts of noise a-la 7 Minutes of Nausea, almost 25 years ago. While spinning this record you can clearly hear the influence of the previous album, even if the songs appear a little bit less heavy than before and with a sharper and more aggressive tone instead of the sheer thickness of a lot of songs in Variante Alla Morte. I think it also depends on the mixing, which puts chords and vocals a little bit more over drums than before, but everything seems a little bit lighter and more focused on the higher frequencies. Songs gained a bit more thrash influences in Senza Impronte, I think this draws back to the experience made in the last Frammenti di Vita, where they worked a lot with thrash cover songs (Bulldozer, Jester Beast, Schizo). Guitar and bass works are, as always, very personal and strong, and Der Kommissar delivers some cool licks, like in the title track. Giulio vocals are, as always, top notch and I think that his classic huge mix of singing styles is better than before, making a good pairing with what he did on Variante Alla Morte. Lyrics wise he kept on singing in Italian (except for one song, “Agony of a Reformed Band”), but you can find all the translations you need in the inlay. There are also some gang vocals (like in “Sangue Chiama”), with Giulio being helped by Guasco (Bang Balow, Cain) and Mollu (Greedy Mistress). If you liked the course started with “Partner Della Convivenza” (on Desperately Insensitive, 2003) you will love these songs. Cripple Bastards managed to create a style for their own, without losing an ounce of their classic aggression. Instead, they gained a terrific ability in using their influences and crafting a personal and unique style, without forgetting where they come from. The remake of their classic tune “Mondo Plastico” (released in 1998 in their split EP with I.R.F.) is amazing and it’s still great listening to Giulio screaming “WE CAN’T AFFORD!”. The last ten noisecore tracks stick to the classic early CB/7MON way of conceiving the art of noise. Small bursts with the lyrics completing the sentence of the title. On a note, “Districato” seems the direct consequence of “Gli Anni che Non Ritornano”, featured on Variante Alla Morte. In the end, this is another great record by Cripple Bastards and sounds like a 1.1 version of their last album. Both releases need a lot of listening to be digested, so give this EP the time it needs and you won’t be disappointed.

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~ by petetheripper on June 4, 2012.

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