The album title is too long, clean your head and read it again

Open the CD tray. Insert the disc. Close the CD tray. Press play. Fuck. What are these drums? What is this production? Fuck, another shitty band that mixes modern grindcore and high speed death metal. Well, no. At least not a shitty one. And Head Cleaner can’t be described just as a mix of the two genres said above. This Greek band has been around for about ten years and this EP, called “Resistance, Determination And The Sheer Will To Overcome”, is their third output. While the first song starts with a terrible mix of moshdeathcore drums and modern grindcore chords, making me think of another terrible band which can go on tour with Heaven Shall Burn or Suicide Silence, they deliver a great amount of variety and intensity through the seven songs of this disc. The main influences I can drag out are classic modern grindcore bands like Rotten Sound, some metallic vibes (a lot of chords could appear on a late career album from Death or Cryptopsy) and Napalm Death. Yeah, not the good ones, sadly, but also not the later, shitty ones. Take late 90’s/early 00’s good albums like Diatribes or Words From The Exit Wound, take out Barney and his horrible voice, add some tight drumming, make Harris play some (even) more metallic riffs and you have Head Cleaner. Vocal wise Jim sticks to a deep growl, which sound very death metal but also very classic grind, not so far from Dead Infection’s Jaro one. There’s also some cool acid screams here and there, coupled with some more classic HC deep voice rants. This EP gets better in the last track. The fourth one, Crime And Punishment, has a cool groove, nice synths, a killer riff in the middle and a great switching between vocal styles. The fith one, Forward To Exit, is a cool mid tempo, with some good groovy parts near the end. And then it comes the last one. Growing accostumed to powerviolence records, as soon as I’ve heard the first synth at the beginning of “Departures-Arrivals” (damn, I can’t stop to think of The Ataris’ “Takeoffs And Landings”, sorry guys!) I’ve thought : “FUCK, another totally-skippable endless song at the end!”. Well, I was wrong. It starts with an eerie arpeggio, some bassless/fulltreble aspetic drumming and filtered vocals. Plus, the bass drum pound like an heartbeat. Then it explodes in a long, exhausting piece of industrial-injected grindcore, like putting Godflesh and the above mentioned era of Napalm Death together, without lose one ounce of the best parts of both. Well, this is a good effort. While the first part is nothing memorable, the second one is very good and shows a band with a lot of potential. Give it a try!

p.s. Cool lyrics and great layout!

Thanks to the band for the CD!

~ by petetheripper on June 1, 2012.

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