Forfeit all these fake one sided records!

Ok, time for another Sidetracked review and, as always, you will have the time to listen to their new EP, called Forfeit, a bunch of times in a row before you will finish to read this. Tacoma’s finest hardcore band is back with another slab of vinyl, featuring twelve tracks in two minutes and three seconds, including a Nasum cover (Red Tape Agenda). I don’t like Nasum. Everybody likes them but not me. Anyway, that’s not important. If you have listened to their previous record, Uniform (if not, buy it and listen to it, it’s a fucking masterpiece), you’ll know what to expect from this. Sidetracked started as a pretty short, fast & loud kind of songs band, but in the years they pushed that concept very far, managing to sport a style which sounds like a three minute song collapsed in ten seconds. The main difference between classic “short songs” bands is that you will hear a shitload of stuff going on in these compositions. It’s like you compress solos, riffs, tempo changes, bridges, choruses and drum patterns in a small pill of violence. Everything is right where it has to be and there’s no space for any kind of frills. This EP is nervous, pounding, powerful and a desperate urge to go for your throat. Jay spits out his rants as fast as a young Andy Beattie, while the overall sensation of the band is a frantic and compressed mix of  No Comment and Infest. And yes, there’s only song on the B-Side, lasting 15 seconds. I know it may sound a bit annoying changing side for only a bunch of seconds, but I don’t care. I’m a man who owns a sandpaper fake 7″ (Pasztörözött – Pasztö Power), a broken one (Penis Enlargement / Caca Sonica), a tape housed in a bag with a mix of mashed tapes, cds and vinyls (Torturing Nurse) and wants a carved 7″ (Gorgonized Dorks’s Destroying Your Stylus), an empty one (from SMG) and a boxset with an empty CD, containing a “next album” from a disbanded act (Laghetto’s collection). So a 7″ with a B-side with only 15 seconds worth of music is fine with me. I think Forfeit doesn’t match with Uniform, since the previous one was a bit more solid and with a stronger vibe flowing through songs, but this effort it’s still a great one and I think these guys really nailed a style that makes them recognizable and, without any doubt, one of the best extreme bands around. Keep it short! Keep it fast! Keep it loud!

My version is the preorder limited edition, bought through Rotten to The Core Records.


~ by petetheripper on May 31, 2012.

5 Responses to “Forfeit all these fake one sided records!”

  1. sei proprio tornato eh?!

  2. mi è arrivato oggi in versione trasparente e l’ho appena ascoltato. sta roba sul lato B è davvero una stronzata e non la trovo per niente cool… per il resto figo come sempre!

  3. So an old Andy Beatties slow? 😉 😛 who sees this? Someone write me. Seems like a great page!

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