Dysmorfic vs Progeria

I have to admit that I’ve never been a big fan of Mantova based Dysmorfic. These Italian grindcore fuckers have been around since 1999 and managed to cross their path with bands like Warsore, Ulcerrhoea, Repulsione and Population Reduction. They never gained much attention and even I must say that their sound never really satisfied my tastes. They used to have a strong and thick guitar work, with some metal reference and a pounding and almost never stopping drum pattern. These two sides put together made their songs very heavy and metallish, which is a bit far from my tastes. I also have to say that I’ve missed their show at last year’s Night Of The Speed Demons. Some time ago Tom sent me this new EP, a slab of vinyl shared with American grinders Progeria and I really have to say that this time Dysmorfic gained all my interest. First of all, the drums. They added variety to the patterns, speeding everything up a bit without sounding to heavy and avoiding the thick wall of bass drum pounds. Then, the guitar is lighter than before but with a strong and enjoyable buzzsaw effect added to it, making it sound raw and harsh, as it should be. Bass guitar is heavy and powerful and it’s used wisely. You can clearly hear the chords through the song, adding a cool bone system to the compositions. Vocals stick to a classic grunt, sometimes going in the lower area, but nothing too strange. The riffing is brutal but there’s a cool progressive feeling to it. It’s something like Nashgul, Mesrine and early Insect Warfare mixing with Plutocracy. There are also some common sides with Italian bands like Grimness and Jesus Ain’t In Poland, putting Dysmorfic in a specific musical area. And what about the Napalm Death similarities in the third song, “Mr Know It All”? So, this is a solid and totally enjoyable effort from Dysmorfic and I’m pretty sure that everyone out there who love to collect Archagathus stuff will like this side!

On the flipside, Progeria! I’ve first discovered this band in the great An Old Fashioned Grindcore compilation but back in the days who would have known that their singer, Aimée, will also sing in Bastard Noise? On this record I can’t figure out if there are two singers or just Aimée dealing with both screaming and growls. I’m sorry but I have a promo copy with just infos for the Dysmorfic side, so, for the Progeria one, I have to guess. Anyway, Progeria explodes with six tracks of classic American old school grindcore, so expect pounding drums, straight forward guitar riffing, ultra distorted bass and a love for simple, punkish songs. The result is quite classic, mix bands like PLF and Assuck and you’ll get an idea. This stuff is really simple and to the point, without any frill or complicated songwriting. Basically the songs are just drums and guitar going as fast as they can, break down a little, then go fast again and repeat, with Aimée paceless yelling her lungs out, with a bunch of growls in between. Nothing weird, nothing unpredictable, nothing new. But this shit works, and it works well. The sense of speed is very strong and you can actually feel the aggressive mood flowing through you. This stuff is solid and it’s a good pairing with Dysmorfic’s side. They both play old school grindcore, but with different approaches and they both work good, making this split EP a very good suggestions to all the classic grindcore freaks out there.


[Tom from Dysmorfic just told me that Aimée is doing all the vocals, with some guest appearance by Eric Wood and Leon Del Muerte! ndPete]

Thanks to Tom/Dysmorfic for the record.


~ by petetheripper on May 30, 2012.

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  1. comprate 5 copie al volo appena era uscito. mi è piaciuto parecchio!

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