Finally back on track! Life is one hell of a pain in the ass to sort out, but I think that starting from I really love is the best way to start. So, let’s go back to talk about music and share what I really like! Thanks for the patience and stay tuned for a long series of posts! A lot of reviews coming!


Boston based power trio Curmudgeon finally released their new EP, a slef titled one, and, let me say it, after some listenings it keeps up with the almight Human Ouroborous demo! You can order it via Bullshit Propaganda who released this slab of vinyl. As soon as I have a physical copy of this there will be a review, for now, band your head streaming these five tunes.



Italian freaks O finally sent to the pressing plant their first full length. Expect a big dose of blackend grindcore mixed with postcore, hardcore and a lot of atmospheric shit! Great Italian lyrics, translated by ME! They premiered a new video for the song Non E’ Vivo (he’s not alive). Check it out!






~ by petetheripper on May 29, 2012.

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  1. Welcome back!!!

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