Take One for The Obese!

Starting a record with a great sample from Monty Python’s Flying Circus (the Upperclass Twit of the Year one) is an awesome way to begin with. Forever Annihilating The Obese (FATO, from now on) were a grindcore band from Ontario, Canada, which had to broke up in 2009 after the death of Michal, their bass player, who was also active as a visual artist (check out his works with Fuck The Facts and Mesrine!). This split EP is their epitaph, while the other three members went on with their side project, Grotesque Organ Defilement (they just released a split 7″ with Archagathus). What you can find here is a bunch of straight forward grindcore songs, in the vein of classic Canadian bands. There’s a strong punkish vibe in the riffing, with a simple yet cool selection of drum patterns. The compositions are strongly live gig oriented, with moshy sections and a good amount of faster parts in which you can punch your mate’s nose without remorse. Vocal wise Danargh (damn, Canada grindcore and the name Dan is a classic combination!) uses a very cool and recognizable barking growl, on a higher register than usual grindcore singing. He sounds a little bit monotonic, but, hey, it still works! This side is pretty nice, and it’s a great let-down that Michal passed away and the band broke up. Check out G.O.D. and keep supporting these guys!

And on the flipside, HOLY SHIT. FATO are great but they dwell in the slighty fast mid tempo area, you know, the one that is not a mid tempo one but it’s not a blastbeat fest. Take On For The Team is a full throttle assault of ripping thrashing powerviolence with a strong grindcore influence. If I have to describe this side of the EP I think I’d have to go for the “a fucking whirlwind of crashes, blastbeats, rusty and fuzzy chords topped with a throat burning fast as fuck screaming” definition. Of, and don’t forget the few 2-step inducing bass dominated moshing parts. Put the needle in the first groove, follow the lyrics and you’ll find yourself reading WORKING CLASS! from the 8th song way faster than you’ve thought when you bought this slab of vinyl. There’s a strong urgency flowing through this record, reminding stuff like early Spazz, Voetsek, Reproach and so on. Put everything together with a huge amount of distortion and love for pure speed and, well, you have Take One For The Team. There’s no news from this band since this record, which dates back to 2009, and that’s pretty sad. Rich (bass+vocals) sports his talents in Misanthropic Noise nowdays, check ’em out!

Thanks to Rich (TOFT/Harsh Supplement) for the record!


~ by petetheripper on February 15, 2012.

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