2011 is dead, long live 2011

Long time no see, isn’t it? I’m very sorry but I had to put this blog on hiatus for a while due to strong personal problems (end of a very logn relationship, problems with the house, problems at work and so on). I want to apologize to all the bands and labels that sent stuff to be reviewed : everything will be posted, from now on I’m back at the classic pace, sorry and thanks for understanding! Anyway, 2011 ended, it took away a lot fo energy and, at least for me, was full of cycles coming to an end. Musically wise it was dominated by the rise of a new wave of awesome powerviolence, while a lot of other sub-genres weren’t covered as usual. My top 10 was too strict this year, so I decided to make a top 25, adding the usual bunch of small top-whatever for different topics. I really hope that everyone started 2012 in a great way and, as always, if you plan a tour or a trip to Italy, hit me up, I’m always down to have a beer with you freaks out there!
A little note. 2011 was a year FULL of new discoveries, mainly thank to some great new friends. Some of the former will appear in this chart, of course!


#25 – AxSxHx – The Awakening At Margate

AxSxHx delivered a good bunch of fastcore/powerviolence songs in their self titled EP and in their split with CSMD, but with this record they added an enormous amount of noise and pitch black negativity to their work, creating one of the heaviest record of the year. Too bad this one has been printed in few copies, because the music is great. Also, this is a 8″ lateh cut, which is always a classy addition to your collection!


Disleksick going back to noisy grindcore. And Asspennies following those Canadian freaks. I can’t end an year without putting a Disleksick release in the chart. Intense tape, as always.

#23 – FUCK ON THE BEACH – Eat ‘Em All

This record is too much underrated. The long awaited comeback of Fuck On The Beach carried a strong switch in style : songs became longer, darker and the sonic assault is more focused than in the past. I really enjoyed this record, even if you have to listen to it without prejudices. Welcome back guys!

#22 – INFARTO – Sul Fondo Insieme A Tutti Gli Altri Sassi

I wasn’t a fan of The Infarto Scheisse, but the name change brought this record that was stuck in my mind for a long time. There are a lot of great moments, but the lyrics of Del Brembo, dei Nostri Respiri e di Altre Facezie really nailed my heart.

#21 – EDDIE BROCK – s/t

Uhuhuhu. This record is the perfect fusion of fast music and fun. Everytime I spin this slab of vinyl my head starts to bang, while a stupid smile is stuck on my face. These guys are great, keep an eye open for them!

#20 – VILE INTENT – Regression To The Mean

I listened to Shadow Of The Skull a lot and when this record was announced I was very excited. It was cursed with a lot of pressing problem but when I finally received it I was very satisfied. Vile Intent added noise to their songs and the result is AMAZING. Dark and heavy powerviolence, the way it was born to be.

#19 – BEAR TRAP – Nailed Shut

OH. MY. GOD. This is fast. Way faster than you can imagine. Bear Trap is like a rusty chainsaw massacre on a Formula 1 car. Speed. Brutality. Awesomeness. Check ’em out in Europe soon!

#18 – INTERNAL ROT – s/t

Are you missing the old times? Internal Rot will hit you with a shovel and drag you back there. This band is a perfect mixture of old school influences and destroys the separation between -gore and -core.  For fans of Repulsion and Terrorizer!

#17 – DEATH TOLL 80K – Harsh Realities

Noisy, harsh, powerful and fast grindcore. The old way. The right way. This band grows better at each release and this album is a great example of brutal European grindcore.


Four bands with four different styles. This bunch of guys manages to put a lot of different sounds in a little 7″ record, creating a whirlwhind of epic brutality. Four great bands to look out in the future! LISTEN TO SMG!

#15 – GHOUL – Transmission Zero

Ghoul is a religion. No excuses. Transmission Zero is a great one and, even if imho doesn’t top Splatterthrash or Maniaxe, is still a great way to spend an hour headbanging to the adventures of these hooded freaks. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!


Blue Holocaust is alive! Pierre is a constant inspiration for me and holding in my hands a new release of his great goregrind project is amazing. Expurgo does a great job too, with their old school muddy goregrind. My heart beats for these sounds.

#13 – PORCODIO – Nessun Posto Per Me

If you’re Italian you’ve probably bought this record just for the name. Then you should have found four amazing classic hardcore songs, in the 80’s Italian way. Defintely one of the most interesting old school HC project nowdays.

#12 – RAEIN – Sulla Linea D’Orizzonte Tra La Mia Vita E Quella Di Tutti Gli Altri

I never listend to screamo. I was stupid, I admit it. Raein created a great following for their  Nati Da Altri Padri album. Epic and magnificent screamo songs with lyrics full of poetry. I always listen to this when I drive at night. It helps.

#11 – GRIDE – Zaskuby Chaosu

Gride! One of my favorite bands released a dystopic, visionary and very experimental album adding a lot of weird and schizoid features to their classic sound, following the path started in Horizonti Udalosti. I love this band and I think their new direction is really interesting and amusing.

#10 – LYCANTHROPHY – s/t

I’ve always liked Lycanthrophy. One of my first grindcore CD was the OEF 2003 compilation and I remember listening a lot to their tracks. On this record they managed to fill each groove with anger and violence, creating a good bunch of great fast songs. The vocal dualism, the skin-cutting riffs, the amazing bass work and the fast-as-hell drumming will seal this record on your turntable for a long time.


Cyborg features John from Weekend Nachos and they fuckin rule. The Gentlemen is simply one of the best young bands around. These two acts can’t fail. Each release is a masterpiece and each release is a violent fest of powerviolence awesomeness. There’s also a The Simpsons reference in a Cyborg song. You can’t go wrong with something like that.


Stairs. I don’t think I have to add more. Drainland’s side is a trip into abduction, distress and disease, while Trenches keep up the vibe with a long, pitch black, hope denying droning track. The perfect soundtrack to your evening made of misanthrophy and booze.

#7 – ARCHAGATHUS – Coffee Grinder

When Agathocles fail to make great releases you can count on Archagathus. This record is pure old school raw mayhem. If you want to headbang to a bunch of raunchy grindcore songs, well, Coffee Grinder is your best choice.

#6 – LIFE OF REFUSAL – s/t

What a surprise! This little slab of vinyl needed a few listening to grow on me but, FUCK, it rocks! Top Saleseman is an hit song and there’s a great vibe flowing through the entire EP. This release haven’t received the spotlight it deserves, but it’s surely an amazing way to spend some minutes!

#5 – DEAD LANGUAGE – s/t

Andy. Low Threat Profile are amazing, mostly because of Andy’s singing but he topped himself with this all star band. Each song is pure genius.


Two of my three todays’ noisecore bands. Together. Nothing more to add.

#3 – CURMUDGEON – Human Ouroboros

In 2012 you should keep your eyes open for everything that will be released under the name Curmudgeon. Brutal, dystopic, violent, no bass powerviolence. Great lyrics. Great packaging. and Krystyna is one of the best PV singers out there nowdays. I listen to this demo almost everyday and I can’t stop myself to mosh when she yells HUMAN! OUROBOROS!

#2 – WEEKEND NACHOS – Worthless

Wow. It’s ignorant. Predictable. Everything you must say of it but, hey, this is one of the most mosh inducing, 2-step injecting, punch in the face provoking records I’ve ever heard. I can listen to it ten times in a row and it never gets old.

#1 – SIDETRACKED – Uniform

This record sums everything fast music is about.13 songs. Only one side. Each tune is a perfect example of urge violence. This records always reminds me why I love this music. Nothing more. Nothing less.






These are some records released in 2010 that I’ve listened a lot during 2011!

MARNERO – Naufragio Universale


CASO – Tutti Dicono Guardiamo Avanti

RVIVR – s/t


Ok, this long is finished. There will be soon another one with some guests’ top 10. All of the records listed above are HIGHLY suggested and if you need any info on them just hit me up.

Have a great year. A great DIY year.


~ by petetheripper on January 23, 2012.

4 Responses to “2011 is dead, long live 2011”

  1. fa piacere rileggerti!

  2. gran lista!!
    ci si sentiamo presto…

  3. Wow! Thanks for including us in your top picks man, #6! Flattered as well as extremely appreciative of all the support you’ve given us. Cheers!

    -Life of Refusal

  4. Hey Simone
    Sad to hear that 2011 was a shitty year. Just dont forget:
    Some things in life are bad
    They can really make you mad
    Other things just make you swear and curse.
    When you’re chewing on life’s gristle
    Don’t grumble, give a whistle
    And this’ll help things turn out for the best…

    And…always look on the bright side of life…
    Always look on the light side of life…


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