Monday morning stream of consciousness!

Ok, let’s get pumped up with some very cool streaming stuff for your ears!

Here’s the demo from Crutch, a band from Amherst, Massachussets :



Then, well, I think everyone knows Bullshit Propaganda, so here’s a bunch of songs from Will’s new band (after mighty HipCops), for fans of muddy crust composed while listening to early Bolt Thrower! The band is called Weald, their genre is not much my cup of tea but these tunes are great, check ’em out!



I have to admit that I’ve got a Curmudgeon obsession lately, so don’t be surprised if you’re going to see that name often floating around here in the next days (interview is on its way, yu-uhu!).

Here is a double serving of those Boston freaks, the first one is a live radio show, the second a new song from the upcoming 7″ on To Live A Lie. Killer!


Speaking of TLAL, let’s refresh your memory. Will is going to repress the Chest Pain 7″ so all of you who missed it the first time (that inclued ME), don’t miss this chance!


~ by petetheripper on December 12, 2011.

One Response to “Monday morning stream of consciousness!”

  1. iniziare così la settimana non è male!

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