Holy Maryland!

I have to admit that I haven’t  listened to the split 7″ between Disciples Of Christ and Mind As Prison. I’ve got the former’s full EP, which is not in my fave list, I have to admit, but listening to the latter’s first full 7″ I think I’ve missed the chance to know a great band earlier. Mind As Prison are from Baltimore, Maryland and with this record they express their great kind of dark and twisted grindcore. Their music is thick, tough and, long story short, blasting. On this self titled EP they deliver six songs, including a cover version of Give Respect by Sick Of It All. The A side begins with an instrumental intro which sets the mood for the sonic assault created by Ramifications. The blasting riffs and the blistering fast drums are often interrupted by some great breaks which help to make each song fresh and various. There’s a classic vocals dualism going on here, so expect your usual dose of switches between deep growling barks and raunchy screams. The alternation of the styles, mixed with the restless drumming and the dark riffing reminded me a lot a bastard son of Catheter and PLF, with an early Nasum twist, mostly recognizable in the guitars sound. I have to admit that this record wasn’t a big deal in my opinion at the first listening, but it started growing stronger and stronger and as soon as I went over the thick pitch black surface I’ve found these tunes super enjoyable. The first side is fast, powerful, full of blast beats and Hokuto no Ken fast riffs while the B side focuses more on breath taking slow composition, with only one song by the band, Rescue, and the Sick Of It All cover. I usually find pretty boring the practice of putting a slow song at the end of the release, which seems pretty common nowdays, but I think that Mind As Prison found a great tune to fill the B Side and the following fast cover version is there to smash the tension built up in its slower predecessor. Grab this vinyl and spin it a bunch of times, it will be a very good surprise!


~ by petetheripper on December 11, 2011.

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