That Cyborg is a Gentleman, a tale in two parts

The Afternoon Gentlmen is surely one of those bands that gained a shitload of attention in a  very short time. This is their third 7″ and they already released three collection releases (two tapes and the Pissedography CD/LP), played at Obscene Extreme and planned a good bunch of upcoming releases. They start this split EP with a bunch of samples of people saying good afternoon and after that, here they go! Powerviolence is the word and the Gentlemen deliver five songs of their signature frantic and blistering fast spastic hardcore. The main influences I can find are Spazz and a bit of Crossed Out, even if the former is the way stronger. Fast drumming, brain melting riffing and vocal dualism are just some of the ingredients of the music of this band. I really like the fact that the bass is strong and you clearly hear it through the mix, adding power to the songs, without dragging back the amaziong guitar work. Vocals are very various, divided between a wild and shrieking scream (which is the most used one), a classic low gorilla bark in the old Weekend Nachos way and an ultra chocking screaming that gives a weird feeling of anxiethy and air gasping. The classic mix usually delivered by The Afternoon Gentlemen is here and if you liked their previous efforts, you’ll love this one. I think that it can be easily put aside their amazing debut EP Pissed Again and that it’s just a little bit better then their split with OSK. Anyway, this is a band that deserves all your attention for the future and, please, please, keep an eye open for their upcoming splits with Suffering Mind and Chiens. I think this Leeds based band is one of the best new ones around these days and everything they do is way over the bar of average. Great side, great band. Oh, and the hip hop segment at the beginning of Boozejoggler is pure class. Total early 90’s Cali PV worship. Grab this record and pay those guys a can of beer!

On the flipside we find Cyborg, from Chicago. There is an incredible lack of informations about this band on the net and on the record, all I know is that they feature two members of Weekend Nachos, one of them being John on vocals. Their style is a fast and simple classic powerviolence, not so far from the early efforts of the Nachos (Torture and Punish & Destroy, for example) and all the first wave of classic PV bands, just like No Comment with an Infest twist in the less heavy parts. Music is mostly on the fast side of powerviolence, with some breakdowns here and there that makes clear the origin of some band members. There’s only a strong slow part at the end of the last song, We’re Not Nation Of Ulysses, but that’s not enough to add the classic “sludgy parts” section in this record’s analysis. John way of singing is different from his classic one, even if in some parts he reminded me his work on Worthless. He usually uses a higher vocal tone, sticking more to a classic hardcore singing instead of a pure powerviolence one. His acid high growl is not so far from the Andrew Beattie’s one. This side is fast, strong and widely enjoyable, with a lot of hooks and memorable vocal lines. There’s even a songs which talks about an episode from The Simpsons (Bonestorm -which is also a PV band from England!-) and quotes the Thrillhouse nickname. Yes, The Simpsons nerd here. This side is a very good one and, in my opinion, is a good improvement from the Demo tape/7″. I like the fact that you can hear some Weekend Nachos’ influences here but the bands are still clearly separated and recognizable.

This 7″ features and amazingly good artwork by Moving Parts Collective, as all the Afternoon Gentlemen’s records, plus an obi strip. I have the special edition with a different additional artwork limited to 50 copies, released by RSR.


~ by petetheripper on December 5, 2011.

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