A mess made by giraffes, disleksicks with nausea and smiling girls

Ok, Canada is full of freaks, without any doubt. You just can’t take your look away for a second that a bunch of weirdos record something that sound both killer and disturbing in a very unique way. Horrible Mess is a one man project from Chris, the guy behind Urine Soake Rag records. This track is made by almost five minutes of disturbing and ripping harsh noise, with a good personal twist to it. This waves are mory crawling, lurking behind you and slowly clutching your neck instead of assaulting you with saw forms and white-pink-brown-whatever full distorted noise. There’s a cool droning sound going on in the background, mixed with a bunch of low tone speaking voices, adding the feeling of getting dizzy and brain twisted among the crowd. There’s a video on YouTube of Why You Never Became A Dancer by Whitehouse and listening to Horrible Mess while staring at the cover art for the tape fave me the same feeling. Anxiethy, uncomfortableness, awakwardness. The noise seems coming from the teeth gnashing on each other. While she stares at you. This is the kind of noise I like, reminding me a lot one of my fave harsh artist, Richard Ramirez.

[geez…she freaks me out]

Vile Giraffe is a project which features Brad from Ad Nauseam and delivers three tracks of weird…ugh…noise? This basament made recordings is made by what seems an out of tune electric guitar and a demented bunch of vocals. The result reminded me a lot a stripped down version of the “Really Short And Unofficial August 1990 Rehearsal Tape” EP by The Earwigs. Weird screams, almost random music, freaky sounds everything fits with that out of space and time feeling given by the Spokane legends. The last song, Knitting Knots, has a strong style twist, shifting to a cool alien influenced droning compisition, with a strong eerie feeling that pretty much squares the circle. I have to say that the first two songs get old really fast, while the last one is a cool experiment in their style. Quite a good project anyway.

This is my first floppy disk review! Two bands on it, 22 seconds each. Ad Nauseam delivers one track of intense and terrific harsh noise. No bullshits here. A beep to start it, full range bludgeoning noise waves and distorted drones, a beep to finish it. This is so strong, so intense, so concise. Harsh noise should always be like it, for a non-expert like me. No frills, just thrills. You just have the time to get punched on the noise by it and no time to recover or a chance to be bored. Disleksick now. Fuck Disleksick. Dave and his good old jolly fellows are one of my obessions and on this floppy they deliver a noisy powerviolence track. Dave’s obsession with the skull should have given a strong influences on this recording session. Fast, manic and noisy frantic hardcore. Coupled with harsh noise. This floppy is killer.

You will also be gifted with a txt which contains the “The Art Of Noise” piece by Italian futurist Luigi Russolo. Fuck, Italy ruled so hard in the past.

Big thanks to Chris for the tape(s) and the floppy!

~ by petetheripper on November 20, 2011.

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