Popeye’s favorite Ointment

A Tribute To Seaman Popeye is a compilation tape which features six bands playing songs in a wide variety of genres. This is not a real tribute to Popeye since there are no references to him at all in the songs but, hey, the insert is full of spinach pictures, Popeye cans and the seamn himself so, who cares? Popeye is a fucking badass, you can’t go wrong with him. As I’ve already said, the genres are various and, as predictable, they’re into always fitting together very well. The tape opens with xRxAxNxGx, a noisecore band from Russia. Well, I think noisecore is not the rght way to define them. They play that kind of shitcore full of retarded playing, funny vocals and a total disrespect for music. You know, the stuff we usually love, but xRxAxNxGx grows boring very fast and sounds like an old joke. The first time you hear it is enjoyable, but listening to it over and over makes you grow sick of it. You know, if the Russian Go-Charge era wannabes played only one song or a bunch of songs located in a single section of the tape, well, it could be quite enjoyable, but they delivered seven songs out of fifteen, all mixed with the other bands. You go from “oh, well, this band is fuckign sick” to “oh, that xRxAxNxGx again!”. Dont’ get me wrong guys, your music is quite enjoyable and your jokes are funny but those songs sounds very out of place and the mixed tracklist is surely not on your side. The second band that appears is Antiétat, a new name for me. This duo hails from Croatia and has no bass. They play a straight forward form of grindcore, full of speed and intensity, with screaming vocals and no frills all thrills songwriting. The brutal and throat cutting style, mixed with the absence of bass, reminded me a lot bands like Pretty Little Flower and early Magrudergrind. Defintely a good band to check out! Dirtpill is another new discovery for myself and another good addition to the “give this guys a lot more listenings” list. They only smash your face with one track, Bottom, taken from their Oil Tank Blues album. The style changes a lot from the previous bands, focusing more on heavy and muddy mid tempos with some groovy faster parts. The overall feeling reminded me bands like Fistula, while the riffing has a very dark and almost psychedelic vibe, making me point my finger to Acid Witch. This band is kinda weird if compared to its companions on this compilation, but it’s surely a very cool act to check out. E.O.L. aka Emotion of Loss is a project from Russia, focusing on a depressive and dark sound splitted in two tracks. There aren’t many infos about this band on the net neither in the booklet of the tape, all I can suggest is that it’s a one man project and has an obscure and decadent concept behind these songs. The compositions are made with droning sounds, samples and high pitched vocals. The feeling is similar to a gloomy and eerie storytelling. Quite interesting project but maybe it suffers too much for being a little bit out of place. Slaughtergrave is a name which appears very often on this blog and by now you should have understood that that monicker can be read as “groovy and crusty mincecore”. Nothing new, nothing more, nothing less. Slaughtergrave is somewhat an insurance of what you’re going to hear. If you’re into mince you will really like Antif Blues, otherwise you’re going to skip it… Hello Kitty Mother Fuckers is a band which features the guy behind Death, Agony and Screams records and delivers one song of uncompromising grindcore. this is by far the rawest offering on this compilation and each note drools with distortion and fuzziness. This band was also featured on the mighty Small Doses compilation, so this is a solid comeback for them. Defintely one of the best bands paying homage to Popeye! Ok, now it’s time to feel really “what the fuck?”. Captain Three Leg, the amazing underground legend of noisy, dirty and sleazy grindcore is delivering a rock song. With a lot of southern vibes, may I add. ZZ Top on acid. This is kinda cool. The first time you listen to it you only wait for the grindcore part to explode and, well, it just don’t happen. This song is almost four minute of pure 70’s rock.
This compilation is really weird and, by the way, very nice. The only issues I can point out are the overflowing presence of xRxAxNxGx and a bit of weird feeling for so man y genre switching. Anyway, give this shit a listen, it’s surely a good showcase of some very cool bands and, guys, a fucking tribute to greatest sailor of them all.

Ointment is a project born 1988 from the wicked mind of Big Daddy, the legendary drummer of cult sludge band Kilslug. The recordings featured on this tape draw back to 1991, making this the first real release by Ointment. Satan’s Sandbox keeps the mood of the “mother-band”, so expect a filthy, blood drenched and malodorous mix of punk, sludge and obscure metal. This is not totally my cup of tea, but I can see a true and ultra-black honest way of creating music in Ointment. Everything is done for the sake of creating something completely unpleasant, dirty and brain poisoning. This is the classic mix of punk and heavy that gave birth of great bands such the aforementioned Kilslug or even Psycho, Gonkulator, Breathilizor and so on. The embodiment of sleaze with tongue in cheek lyrics and totally pitch black music. This kind of style always reminds me Nunslaughter, at least on a feelings level, which is always a good reason to spin a record. Fans of filthy music, if you miss the days when Fudgeworthy ruled the Earth, grab this tape!

Both tapes are released by Quagmire Records from Russia. Thanks to Dirt for them!

~ by petetheripper on November 14, 2011.

One Response to “Popeye’s favorite Ointment”

  1. haha, xRxAxNxGx are fuckin marginals… and i love these assholes! and Popeye is da man, hah. thanks for reviews. HORNS!

    -dirt / QUAGMIRE

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