Interview with GASMASK TERROR

Popster is back! My freaky Russian friend of Pissdeads fame, now smashing eardrums with his project Motherpig, sent me an interview he made with French crust hardcore band Gasmask Terror. I’m really happy to make another collaboration with him and, for Russian speaking people, I really suggest to give his blog a read (you will also find the original Russian version of this intie). So, kudos to him and let the questions start!

Q : First of all, introduce yourself and your band. And tell us the latest news from Gasmask Terror.

Luc : Shiran plays the grief-riffs, Olivier is the minor throat, Fabro is the basstard, and I pound the hellhammers.

Q : Short history, please. How and when did you begin?

L : We started at the end of 2003 when Fabro and I were in a melodic crust/punk band and kept talking about starting a faster and rawer side band.

Q : About the name, why did you choose Gasmask Terror?

L: We were joking about getting a generic crust band name and picked random words and put them together. Gasmask Terror sounded good so we kept it. No meaning at all, just a stupid moniker. Truth be told, I thought of the “gasmask” word because of the back cover of Discharge’s “Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing” – the photographer is credited as Biffo Gasmask or something.

Q : Is GT the only band you play in? Have you ever played in other bands?

L : All members of GT play in several bands: Monarch (slow motion music), Chambre Froide (black metal), Face Up To It! (hardcore punk), Warning//Warning (hardcore punk), Procession Funebre (black metal), Kalte Lust (cold wave), Los Cojonudos (punk rock), Year Of No Light (post rock)… plus a couple of new bands that haven’t made it out of the practice room yet.

Q : Let’s talk about influences, what bands made you start Gasmask Terror? What bands influence your sound?

L : The main reference bands when we started were Discharge and Totalitär. But we all listen to a wide array of music and we are by no means exclusive to the d-beat subgenre.

Q : What is your source of inspiration?

L : I have two: RIFFS, and Bambi of Discharge on the “Why” record.

Q : Tell a few words about your local scene. Name some bands, persons, etc.

Olivier: punk hardcore scene in Bordeaux is quite small, all bands are already named above. there’s also a good weird/experimental scene with bands like Radikal Satan, Api Uiz, Chocolat Billy and a good garage scene with bands like Magnetix, Hoodlum, Hurly Burlies…

Q : Tell a few words about your tour in Japan.

L : A few words: energy, intensity, loud P.A.’s, incredible bands, friendly people, great food, beer, posing for group photos, records, rice triangles, shoelace headbands… possibly a little radioactivity too.

Q : Do you like GG Allin?

L : I couldn’t care less about his antics. It’s a shame that the persona overshadows the music, because he actually recorded a few good records, for real. And a few bad ones as well, haha.

O : He was a rapist and his death is definitively not a bad news. And if every people who considers him a hero could die I wouldn’t shred a single fucking tear.

Q : What is better: Japanese hardcore or Swedish hardcore?

L : Apples and oranges. Both tasty and good for your health. I could live on a strict diet of both.

Q : Do you know any Russian bands?

L : Aside from this d-beat band Distress and a couple of old metal bands (Master…), I’m afraid I know next to nothing about Russian music. Shame on me.

O : I used to see the name of a fast hardcore band called George Harrison in french zines if I remember (that was almost 10 years ago)…

Q : What about politics? What are your political views?

L : I don’t label myself an anarchist anymore but I definitely stand by a lot of anarchist and leftist views.

O : I’m an anarchist even if I don’t agree with 100% of the ideas of other local anarchists.

Q : My blog is devoted mainly to harsh noise and noisecore. Are you interested in these genres?

L : I can’t say I listen to those subgenres. The closest thing to “noise” I like is early Swans, Coil, Brainbombs, Bastard Noise, etc.

O : I really love harsh noise/power electronics/industrial music, right now I’m listening to the Final Solution “All New Power” tape.

Q : Where do the most beautiful girls live?

L :  I only hang out with ugly people. Beautiful girls and boys can fuck off.

O : Congratulations, this is the shittiest question we’ve ever had in an interview.

Q : What is your attitude towards straightedge?

L : Two members of Gasmask Terror out of four are pretty much what you could consider “straight edge”, i.e they don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. I was sober for a few years as well but started drinking again. My attitude towards straight edge is “two thumbs up”.

O : I don’t care about labels, I leave that to the 15 year olds. I care about people in all their individuality.

Q : Thanks for the answers, your final comments, hellos, curses 🙂

L : Thanks for your interest. Support the underground, death to the above ground.

O : Da svidaniya! Destroy music business.


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