Give Kazamate and Agathocles an helping hand

Have you ever seen a Will Ferrell movie? They’re way too similar in acting, plot and writing, but they have a (relatively) small fanbase (including me) which will love them anyway. It’s something that bypasses your brain or your heart, is just a belly feeling. You just can’t pass on them, you will watch any new movie that comes out and, fuck, you will enjoy it. Agathocles is the same thing. A devoted Agathocles fan will love almost everything they are going to put out, sometimes ignoring criticism, songwriting flaws or evident tendency of using the same tracklist over and over. On this CD the Belgian godfathers of grind deliver only one song. 16:23 long. I was SO curious about it. When a song is long (and it’s not a doom/drone/sludge composition) you will expect a lot of changes, breaks, shifts. You know, like Dream Theater or so (ahahahhaha). But no, Agathocles are gods among men and they managed to make a 16 minutes long song with almost only one riff. This is the strongest way to stand out their way of living grindcore. This is a slow, lurking, haunting song, with Jan barking against society’s leaders, shouting slogans to make the masses revolt against their rulers. This song is called From Conversation Manipulation (Global Part) and it’s the third installement of this “suite”, started with the eponymously titled split with The Lettuce Veltures and followed by a second part featured on the split with Ebola Disco.In fact, if my memory doesn’t fail me, this “Global Part” features both the first two episodes in its structure, making it a “collection” plus a new section. The title draws back to Napalm Death and the droning & grinding style used here can remind classic songs like Multinational Corporations and Evolved As One. I can hear also a bit of Man Is The Bastard here, especially from the Sum Of The Men…The Brutality Continues era. The repetitive riffing, the almost tribal drumming, the viscera-clutching bass tone and the monotonic singing make this song a great rage-raising song. There’s no climax or up tempo part here, just pure slow anger. This is defintely a new way to listen to Agathocles and can be a nice way to change their usual serving. I think that the very static songwriting can make it a little bit boring, but I, as a devoted fan of the trio, have listened to it a lot of times and always found it entertaing and, well, really good. This is not a way to start to listen to Agathocles, but after you’ve tasted the classic, try From Conversation To Manipulation and you can try a very special offering by one of the few unstoppable and still great bands of the early years.

Kazamate is a three piece hailing from Bergamo, a city in the North-East of Italy, not so far from Milan. I have to admit that this is the first time that I actually listen to this band, even if they’ve been around for some years. Their “side” starts with a roaring engine that makes way for a short song that reminded me a lot the begininning of Multinational Corporations (is popping out quite often in this review, isn’t it?). The next two songs are way different, with a thick layer of sound that acts as a structure for a schizophrenic riffing and a quite crazy rhytmn section, coupled with a rather linear vocal style. They reminded me a crazy mix of the last efforts by Gride and a slower version of Orchid, Chaos is Me era. There are a lot of backbeat moments, tempo changes and dissonant chords. The result is quite strong and is used again in the fifth song, Diavolo. The fourth one, L’Animal, features the vocal duties of Franco from Sorella Maldestra and a strong change of style in songwriting. The song is more linear and the acid cleaner vocals of Franco throw it in the classic Italian hardcore era. Declino, Eu’s Arse, Impact, Underage. If you like some of those names you will really enjoy this song. In my opinion, L’Animale is the strongest Kazamate offering on their side. The last song features all the Agathocles members as guests and starts with a sample from the Italian classic “La classe operaia va in paradiso” enhanching the mood of social alienation that flows throught this CD. Well, I have to say that while at a first listening Agathocles and Kazamate can sound as a weird combination, they really fit well together, the former lurking with slow anger and patience, the latter exploding with controlled chaos and more fury. Defintely a good split and a very good addition to your Agathocles collection.

This CD has been released by a SHITLOAD of labels, here’s a picture of the co-producers, if you need any kind of infos about them, just hit me up.

Thanks to Marty for the CD.


~ by petetheripper on October 30, 2011.

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