Agamenon loves slaughters


Slaughtergrave takes me back to the first posts on my blog, so it’s a real plasure to talk again about this Greek band. They deliver ten tracks including two cover songs and, as always, even if they can be labelled “mincecore” they provide a wide range of sounds in such short time. The first two songs, Dressed in Khaki and Fuck G.A., are the longest and focus on a raw and muddy mincing sound, imagine to listen to some obscure grind demo from the early 90’s. Drums and a messy bunch of chords take over the other sounds, creating a thick layer of noise which is sometimes interrupted by some guitar “solo” riffing which can raise the level of the compositions. Then it’s time for some very classic mincecore tracks. Cliental Taste, In Mince We Trust, Napalm Up Your Ass and Lack Of Inspiration are great examples of how mincing grind can be entertaining and raw as hell. Imagine a great mix of the classics, like To Serve…To Protect by Agathocles and Dawn Of A New Age by Malignant Tumour, mixed by a honest love for crust and groovy hardcore. You just CAN’T keep your head still. Those songs are the real core of Slaughtergrave’s side and I think can hook a lot of mincecore fans. The Greek side of the Cd is closed by the nonsense section. The first cover song is a semi folk-dub fiftyfive seconds long version of Napalm Death’s You Suffer, while the second one is a speech followd by a high-toned “IT’S” which just reminded me a lot Michael Palin’s castaway attempt to introduce Monty Python’s theme and then Sore Throat’s King Of Thrash kicks in. The last two songs is an instrumental one (The Horrendous State Of Greece) and an unexplainable clash of sounds (Disharmonic Talented Lovesong).



I’ve already talked about Agamenon Project not so much time ago, comparing them to a core version of Lymphatic Phlegm. I can continue claiming that sentence, since on this record the similarities are still going strong. Agamenon is a one man project, delivering a brutal assault of fierce drum machine, growling vocals and, above all, a great eerie and haunting guitar riffing. The main reason i keep comparing this band to the Brazilian pathologists is the usage of guitar, with a thick riffing during singed parts and a great taste in almost death metal hooks and “solos” during the instrumental ones. Even if nothing new is displayed on this part of the CD Agamenon Project managed to record ten very enjoyable songs, with a strong unforginving and somewhat “distant” feeling, mainly due to the coice of sounds and strongly aseptic drum machine tones. Everything sounds so alienated, so strongly heartless and perfectly fits with the social critics expressed by song titles. There are three cover songs at the end of Agamenon Project’s tracklist : VMO by Agathocles (if my memory doesn’t fail me, it’s from the Grind Is Protest album), Threatening Skies by Obituary (!!!) and Impetigo’s classic Staph Terrorist. I was really surprised to hear Obituary covered by a drum machine grindcore band but Arthu made a very good work and this version is brutal and faithful to the original’s sheer violence.

What can I say? Both bands deliver a good bunch of surely enjoyable grindcore songs. If you’re more into crust grindcore, Slaughtergrave will be a good surprise, while Agamennon Project can be enjoyed by all those old school grindcore enthusiasts who don’t hate the sound of a drum machine.


~ by petetheripper on October 17, 2011.

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