Gore inspirations : memories and silent killers

I can’t talk about Blue Holocaust without talking about the story of my life. When I was way younger Pierre’s webzine, Braindead, was a incredibly strong influence on my listening choices and a very helpful guide for my musical growth. When Pierre praised a band I was going to buy the record without any doubt, always finding out that my tastes were very connected to his ones. He was in the eye of the one man cybergore band phenomena that happened a bunch of years ago, witnessing the rise and fall of countless projects. A lot fo them were absolutely crappy and talentless and only a few went one and are worthy to be mentioned (except from the pioneers of the genre, I can name bands like Anal Penetration, Decomposing Serenity, Sarcophaga Carnaria and a few others). Pierre managed to put all his experience in listening to goregrind in his own project, giving birth to Blue Holocaust (the alternate title of Italian classic Buio Omega). He put together his passion for goregrind and horror movies, creating a solo band that was strong and embraced a wide number of influences. The only album was Twitch Of The Death Nerve, a huge masterpiece of drum machine goregrind, followed many years later by the very good split 7″ with Embryonic Cryptopathia (another amazing cybergrind project). A bunch of years has passed and finally Blue Holocaust is back on track with a new 7″, with time with Brazilian Expurgo. There are a few firm points in this record. The horror references are all there and the usually amazing artwork fits perfectly in Pierre’s standard. The logo changed a bit, I have to admit that I prefer the old one, following the slight style change that happened in the music. Pierre knows his goregrind and he shows here all his experience in the genre. You can hear a lot of influences going on, from the faster and muddy riffing (Last Days Of Humanity?) to the slower and more “rocking” one (Dead Infection?). Vocals are always low and pitch shifted, remembering a lot the Effortless Regurgitation era of Regurgitate. Drum machine programming is fast and relentless, with some groovy parts and an unforgiving attitude flowing through each beat that reminded me a lot Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage. The changes that I can point out are all at a feeling level, more than a strong structure one. Songs are thicker, heavier and with a lot of sloppy things going on. Imagine mixing the classic early 90’s goregrind to the music of bands like Fornicator, Exhumed or Hemdale. If the earlier recordings by Blue Holocaust were a great examples of cybergrind made by a man who is fanatic of A Chapter Of Accidents, now throw some Surgical Disembowelment in and you can get a good picture of what’s going on here. I have to admit that this EP required a couple of listenings to start growing on me, but I really think that this time Blue Holocaust made a release that can look Twitch Of Death Nerve in the eyes without shame and, maybe, to outdo it.

On a sidenote : this record is very important to me. This is the first Blue Holcoaust review that I make since I have this blog. Pierre’s work with Braindead was an enormous inspirations and was the main drive behind my passion for writing about music.

On the flipside we find Expurgo. I’ve already listened to this band on the Deaf Grind Gourmet 4 way compilation but I have to admit that the Archagathus and Violent Gorge tracks blew me away too much and I can’t remember what I thought about Expurgo. So, let’s say this is a second first time for me! Expurgo hails from Brazil, one of the best places to play goregrind, since a shitload of great bands came from the land that gave birth to Ratos De Porao, like Lymphatic Phlegm, Offal,Gore, Neuro Visceral Exhumation and so on. This side features four tracks of pure old school goregrind sung in Portuguese. You know the deal, fat and thick guitars, ultra low and distorted bass, war monging drums and guttural vocals, sometime shifting to a desperate shrieking which adds variety to the compositions. Musical wise this is goregrind at its finest, probably one of the best effort I’ve listened in the last months. Riffing is powerful, not very innovative or original, but who fucking cares. Each riff is like a rusty scalpel held by a gore specialist. Drumming is functional, but I have to say that its various, savage and, yes, brutal. It goes from a classic blastbeat fury to a lot of groovy and somewhat crusty parts. I think that goregrind shouldn’t always be fast and pummelling, but it has to be various and hooking. Expurgo is a great professional in this : imagine their style as a hound of zombies in an 80’s movie. They all look similar, but each one is different from the other and here and there you can find some weird maggot bags. These four songs are a great example of how you have to play goregrind. You don’t have to be the most brutal, the faster, the most shocking or who the fuck knows. You just have to know your trade and strike without mercy. This side reminds me a lot the feeling I’ve got when I first listened to the amazing Horror Rises From The Tomb by Gruesome Stuff Relish. Amazing classic goregrind played by amazing goregrind fanatics. If you love your gore to be stenchy, dreadful and infectious well, you will find that Expurgo has the same tastes as you. Spin this record as much as you can and give the rotten carcass of goregrind a new chance to live!


~ by petetheripper on October 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Gore inspirations : memories and silent killers”

  1. Cheers for enduring this record and finding a way to review it, hehe! I suck at doing logos, I’m yet again working on a new one.
    I thought EXPURGO’s full length “Burial Ground” was killer, not out on vinyl! but worth checking out.

  2. I can’t wait to hear this record. I love Twitch of the Death Nerve and yes I know what your saying about the Braindead site, I found lots of great band there.

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