Gross cosmo in reverse : the art of Fækal Omsorg!


Fækal Omsorg is a band from Denmark which plays, well, I think you can generally call it noise but there’s a lot more behind it. This double review will focus on two releases, the very first album by them, called Poopmaster Shitstorm and one of their latest outputs, the Anus Invictus 3″ CD-r. The first thing that I want to say is that both discs are housed in very nice boxes and have fat full lyrics booklets. Those are very cool things and show the effort put in those releases. The line up is slightly different between the two releases : om Poopmaster Shitstorm the band is made by two members, Herr Doktor and E.Lig, while on Anus Invictus they are helped by Qwezxa Yuvtteaxw. The style used by the band is a very good mix of genres. They defintely play noise, but each song has (even if a little bit loose) a structure, making the band taking distance to the classic noisecore dogmas. The influences are quite various and you can clearly hear a strong black metal vibe going through these records, especially on Poopmaster. That one is a very cool record but you still don’t hear all the potential of the band. Songs are powerful, fast, uncompromising. Sometimes Fækal Omsorg slow down a bit, creating doomy and lurking tones that can sound like eerie drones from the North (well, you can say that’s what they are!). Black metal riffing is very common and the throat lacerating shrieks are there to improve the BM feeling. Vocals feature also a very good mix of low growls and crusty barks, adding variety to the platter. I think that you can say that this record sounds like a messy and noisy black metal album with strong thrashing riffs and nearly-demented additions. Songs like Wound Bleeding Piss and Anal Joy Spasm are there to shout it. There’s a lot of weird sounds going on here, from chaotic drums to childish keyboards and so on (Johnny Depp = 50 Ways To Kill Me?).

The dementia seed planted in Poopmaster Shitstorm developed in all its majesty in Anus Invictus. That record is a fucking shitfest of mind rotting dementia embodied in a 3″ CD. I can clearly imagine those three guys, locked in a room with a bunch of instruments trying to record the most fucked up music ever released in Denmark. Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, voice, saxophone, mixed trash. I think I have also heard a xilophone here and there. Messy sounds, highly distorted desperate vocals, brain fucking drums. Everything here comes from the deepest lairs of mental illness. The black metal thing is still going, but it’s covered by a thick curtain of absurd noise, making it sound like the lobotmised weird brother of a black metal enthusiast. Take Enbilulugugal, Sauerkraut, Mental Hygiene Orchestra and 50 Ways To Kill Me, lock them in a basement with a life-time dose of junk food, peyote and a tape recorder. After a couple of days take the tape, label it Fækal Omsorg – Anus Invictus and send it to someone who can burn 3″ CD-r. I think the result will be very similar. Well, both records rule and they are surely great examples of how you can take different genres and re-elaborate them in a noise way, creating something original and personal even in such an extreme kind of “music”. I have to admit that Anus Invictus enjoyed me way more than Poopmaster Shitstorm but both records are very good choices for every noise fan out there. Contact Fækal Omsorg and get your dose of releases! Big thanks to Eli for the discs!


~ by petetheripper on October 9, 2011.

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  1. “Poopmaster Shitstorm” has been put up for download, get it here:

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