Griding music’s surface until it’s harsh enough

[Thanks to my girlfriend for holding the records! ndPete]

Talking about Gride is like talking about an old friend. One of the first 7″ I’ve bought is the Happy Birthday Gride EP (which, btw, featured two great cover songs of Rupture and Cripple Bastards) and the Czech band has always been a favorite of mine. If I have to pick ten extreme bands I want to listen without any kind of rest for the next year, Gride will surely be on the list. I was really impressed when, a bunch of years ago (2009, if my memory fails me not), they switched to a more experimental and unconventional kind of fast grinding hardcore with their Horizonti Udalosti album. Before that gen, Gride was a synonimous of uncompromising fast and ripping music. You could call it hardcore, fastcore or grindcore I think that they are all right and wrong at the same time. If you listen to their collection CD you won’t any kind of resting or calm moment. Every song has a strong urge to hit and maim, without mercy and with a terrific precision. I’ve always LOVED Iny vocals, so harsh yet so clear. On Horizonti Udalosti they’ve taken a new road. Songs started to stretch, lasting longer and with more riffs added to the pot. The fastcore side took over the grinding one and the main feeling that streamed through the album was a desperate quest for finding the perfect balance between odd riffing and moshing energy. The path taken with that album has been expanded in Zaskuby Chaosu. The Chaos word in the title is a perfect way to describe this record : each song is an endless flow of psychotic riffs, whirlwinding drums and crazy bass lines. Even with the (many and strong) differences between the two bands, I can say that this record gave me a very similar feeling to the one I’ve felt when I0ve listened to Orchid to the first time. The sensation of listening to a chaotic beast locked in chains, with the lurking fear that everything can fall in a second. If you want to give to the new Gride style a fitting picture, imagine a team of hammer-armed men that tries to take down a building from the inside. Gride is like a building that bends, cracks and keep everything under the collapse limit. The result is a record that is very hard to listen to. Each song is very different from the one before and you can bet your ass that the next one won’t sound the same. Iny’s voice, the absolutely easily recognizable Gride guitar sound and the spastic urge to assault are all there and are the main bridges to the band’s past. The main difference from the past is that the new Gride doesn’t fear to try all the paths that a strict genre like their can offer. Songs like Zahlceni or the following Podminka Vyvoje are there to prove that the band chose well. Tempo changes, frantic bass, furious vocals, a lot of riffs. Everything displays a band in a perfect shape, despite the long career they had, with no fear in experimenting and trying everything they can. The only “flaw” of this record is that, or at least I think so, can be a tough one for first time Gride listeners. I think that Horizonti Udalosti can be enjoyed easily by the not die-hard fans. It was like “ok we are Gride, you know how we sonds, on this records we change slightly but don’t worry, we didn’t experimented that much”. Zaskuby Chaosy is much more like “ok, we are still Gride, but we don’t give a fuck about anything, we wanted to do something weird and we broke every limit we have, hope you like it”. I like it. But I also think this record is like a mid-term goal. They tried, they succeeded, but they also need more time to focus on this style-change and make it more effective and somewhat hooking to those who are not that much in Gride. A lot of people will think this record is too far from their roots to be enjoyable, but I think Gride made a huge step forward in their evolution and that Zakuby Chaosu can stand proud beside a lot of the band’s classics.


~ by petetheripper on October 7, 2011.

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