Refusing god, enjoying life

I’m quite excited to talk about a record that can be described just by a single, simple word : hardcore. Yes, you can argue about the fact that there are a good bunch of early powerviolence influences (Capitali$t Casualties?), some protogrind vibes (Siege?) or crusty hooks (Voorhees?), but the reality is that Life Of Refusal mixes everything in a whirlwinding mayhem of uncompromising, adamantine and powerful kind of hardcore. The record starts with a scream over a fast pattern of drums and notes. I have to admit that the beginning was making me think about the next new generic thrashing bands from the US  but that feeling lasted just a few seconds. When the screaming collapses Life Of Refusal immediately shows their best weapons : slow, haunting and bass driven sections followed by pissed off pure hardcore barking parts. The powerviolence influence comes out in the songs structure : each composition has a lot of tempo changes, the tempos are frantic, furious and tend to switch with a brutal stop or a throat cutting unforgiving reprisal. The riffing is quite familiar and guitar chords aren’t that memorable but they work very well, creating a powerful frame for the amazing rhytmn and vocal sections. Talking about the latter, they are regular and not that various, but Chris’ voice is hooking, powerful and yes, damn fitting for this kind of music. Songs often focus on speed and tempo changes, but there are a bunch of moments when they turn from very good to simply amazing. In Top Salesman and Crust Fund Baby there are a couple of mid tempo assaults that will melt your brain. Those are the moments that you go from “yeah, I’m sitting in front of my PC, drinking a beer and enjoying this new single” to “fuck yeah, I’m 2-stepping over my bed without my pants and with one beer per hand while banging my head in every direction my neck can snap”. The last part of In The Eyes Of A Fraud ends with an amziong THERE IS NO GOD chant that just squares the circle of a band that shows no flawa in their approach to hardcore. Are you searching for a great six pack of hardcore songs? Go buy this fucking record from Life Of Refusal and start tearing down the wall of your room. You need space for moshing.

[btw this EP is downloadable for free from their Bandcamp page]


~ by petetheripper on October 4, 2011.

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