Tyrants, Brides and the Open Sea

Ok, I’m back on track! Sorry for the hiatus that lasted almost a month but I needed to put some things in shape, make order in other issues, start a new project and well, rest myself after a lot of hard working days and family problems.

I want to celebrate my return to the business with a really nice surprise that comes from Italy. This is a coproduction from a lot of labels, 9 out of 13 are Italian ones, showing that our underground is still going well. On the first side you’ll find Agathocles, with two songs recorded in 2010. I have to say that I’m a little bit disappointed by these compositions. I think that the switching from bass to guitar made by Jan was and still is a double edged weapon. Sometimes everything works great, like in a lot of their latest releases (for example their splits with Laserguys, Ebola Disco and Violent Gorge), in other cases songs tend to stagnate, losing the classic strong and kicking bass tones that made Agathocles so great. The riffing is too weak, imho, and the loose tremolos used in Cowards Attack are too out of place. Agathocles is one of top 3 favorite bands of all times, but I must admit that this side is just, well, not at the levels Agathocles used to play. I don’t mind if songs structures are abused and sound a lot like other AGx songs, I couldn’t be a fan of them if I’ve bothered about that, but this time I think that these songs lack of the classic energy, urge and pissed-off attitude that made me love the Belgian godfathers of grind. I’m glad that Jan’s throat is still strong, powerful and recognizable, making it the best thing about this side of the record. This is not the first time that an Agathocles’ record wasn’t as good as I expected. I’ve forgiven before and I will forgive again, but this is definetely not one of the Agx’s records you’re goign to remember.

On the flipside : Sposa In Alto Mare. They are a “comedy” grind band from Italy and, I have to admit it, I am really surprised about this side. I’ve got their previous effort, the Canti Liturgici CD-r, but I wasn’t impressed about it. I don’t usually like bands with a funny lyrics edge, because a lot of them usually rely only on the laughing factor but Sposa In Alto Mare managed to combine a good bunch of fun with a very tight and brutal kind of grindcore. The songs are really fast and uncompromising, with L’Incoerenza Del Bidet and Nucleare being two classic examples of furious and unforgiving modern grindcore. When I say modern I think about those bands that take the classic grindcore formula and push it to its limit, with good sound, a personal vibe and with all the lessons learned in the last years clearly on display. Buchi, the second song not counting the intro and the outro, is easily the best one of the pack. In two minutes and a bunch of seconds Sposa In Alto Mare managed to embody a powerful and great examples of Italian grindcore. It starts with a crooning voice (and my laughter over music red alert was starting to scream) then it explodes into a feral and violence-monging grindcore beat. The best part is easily the last one, with the vocals switching from growl to classic hardcore ones, the music slows down a bit and the core factor stands over the grind one. I have to admit that the last section of Buchi brought to my mind a lot of classic Italian hardcore bands from the 90’s. Classy. There are a lot fo inside jokes going on in this record, but they’re all for an Italian audience and it’s clearly hard to explain them to English-speaking people. Sposa In Alto Mare won the duel with Agathocles and, even if the Belgian mincers are not in their best shape on this record, I have to say that the Italian grinders released a great side. Up the Sposa!


~ by petetheripper on October 2, 2011.

One Response to “Tyrants, Brides and the Open Sea”

  1. nice to read you again!
    w le spose bagnate d’acqua salata!

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