When it comes to splits I usually write about the bands separately, but I think this time the best way to describe this CD is melting its two faces together. Medusuzoa is a split effort between Awesome Bin Laden, from Indiana and Zombie Militia, from Ohio. The jellyfishes on the cover are drawn in a pitch black environment, perfectly fitting for the abyss-recalling sound of these two bands. ABL goes for almost eleven minutes of ambient harsh noise, full of low drones, distorted vocal samples, bleeps and bent machines. The feeling you get is a breath-clutching vibe of paranoia, like laying in the dark knowing someone’s watching you. When it comes to Zombie Militia, the feeling changes, helped by a way darker drone pattern filled with electronic sounds and grim vocals. There’s a weird sci-fi shade in this song and the hopeless void of deep space perfectly matches with the anxious terror delivered by Awesome Bin Laden. Jellyfishes. Dark. Deep Space. Drink one more shot of liquor and let your mind drown in despair.

This disc is limited to 24 copies.




Drongo is an Australian band delivering a long noisecore session filled with a shitload of blasts, stop-and-go’s and, well, noise! In thirteen minutes they manage to relently destroy your eardrums with this messy kind of noise, not too far from Permanent Death and early Deche-Charge. Vocals are weird, switching from a sleazy scream to an high pitched shriek. This stuff is very good and can make happy all the fans of the above mentioned bands, plus those who think that Primordial Sounds don’t release enough records each year. Muddy, vulgar, raunchy. That’s (also) how I like my noisecore. Breakdancing Ronal Reagan sports one of the best monickers I’ve ever read and dwell in the harsh side of noise realm.Their song is full of buzzsaw waves, white noise and distortions. It reminded me a lot of Merbow, especially when thing start to relax a bit and then explode back in a shitfest of distorted sound waves. This shit is kinda cool and it’s another good addition to the always rewarding Texas harsh noise scene.

This disc is limited to 30 copies.






Poor Life Decisions is a cover disc by Fatal Position and features 21 songs which have been grinded, melted, raped and then recorded in a noisecore way. I think they are all cover versions, but the renditions is so different that they can be anything. If my idea was right, here you will find some immortal recordings of classics by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bon Jovi, Police, Nasum, Rage Against The Machine, Sepultura, GG Allin, Van Halen, Anal Cunt, Soundgarden and many more! This stuff is really funny and works even without knowing these songs are all covers. It reminded me a lot the drunk and sleazy Sauerkraut’s side on their split with Agathocles. Fatal Position is a very good band and their bass+drums noisecore is really powerful and enjoyable. When I listen to this record I close my eyes and try to connect the covers with the original ones. Then I start to love life a bit more.

This disc is limited to 15 copies.


Thanks to Kevin for the discs! 


~ by petetheripper on September 13, 2011.

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  1. Zombie Militia is always fun, never heard ABL will have to check out.

  2. What is the label and address?

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