Famous members : Roskopp vs Doubled Over

Hahahah, let’s hear this cool story, bro : Roskopp is the name of (as far as I know) two bands, one from Colorado and one from Australia. The one from Colorado is the one  on the A-Side of this split EP, while on the flip one you will find Doubled Over, which features a member of the Australian Roskopp! Aahahha cool isn’t it? Ehm.. ok, let’s go on with the music.


This is the second record I’ve listened from Roskopp, the first one being their split EP with Superbad. Their style remained mostly unchanged, with their strong debt to early 90’s thick and powerful full throttle grind core. The easiest comparison I can draw are with Anticapital’s Assuck, Never Repeat’s Unholy Grave and Dahmerized’s Dahmer. The songs are heavy, fast as fuck and driven by a terrific combination of fast as fuck drums and ear ripping guitar riffing. The sound of the six-strings is muddy, tight and full of lead-like heaviness. I admit that my main interest in Roskopp was born beacuse they feature Donovan of Catheter’s fame on bass and vocals and I, being a Catheter’s fan since ages, was expecting something similar to them. I have to admit that you can find some little similarities here and there, but the style sported by thebandnamedafterthatlittlerubberpipethatyouputinyoururethra pops out only in some of the faster sections of the songs. Unholy Grave remains, in my opinion, the strongest influence on Roskopp, with their right way of riffing and pounding bass tones coupled with drum stomps. The few groovy moments can be easily compared to the classic early Agathocles/Unholy Grave way of making your head bounce so, if you’re a diehard grindcore fan, prepare to drool. Vocal wise Donovan and Shane share duties with a very good mix of screaming and growling vocals, which enhanches the variety of the already very well written four songs featured on this split. I also love the way the band showcases itself, with machineguns, anti-police pictures, horned goat skulls, fuck everything sentences and so on. That stuff really fits in the no-compromise, pure grindcore approach that oozes out of their songs. Even if I already liked their first EP I have to admit that this one really puts Roskopp on the map and makes the Colorado band a name you shouldn’t pass on.


On the flipside you can find Doubled Over, one of the projects by Christoph Winkler of Roskopp (the other ones), Die Pigeon Die and Internal Rot. The style is way different from the one delivered by Roskopp. Guitars is lighter and attacks your ears with sharpness instead of muddy heaviness. The sound is surely not clean enough to make the riff sound too polished, but, compared to the A-side, you will easily point out the difference. The bass is pounding and put a little bit in the background, making it a good companion for guitar and drums, but you will listen to it almost only in a sublte and lurking way. Drums are various and really enjoyable, but you should know by now that Chris is a really good drummer and can blast his way through your brain with many different styles. Doubled Over is not always a fast and uncompromising band, instead they manage to add a lot of cool slower moments, which sounds perfectly fitting among the speed fest of the main riffs. For example, you can pick Sick To Death as a perfect way to describe Doubled Over’s style. It starts with a high speed assault led by a skin cutting riffs, then it flows into a classic droning guitar tone that can directly come from Scum and, after that, it flows into a neck snapping slower crusty section that fits perfectly with the faster part that started the song. Early Napalm Death is a strong influence and can be pointed out a lot of time during the five songs on this side of the vinyl. Whiel their style can be a little bit too derivative, you will find yourself enjoying a lot Doubled Over, because they managed to sound full of variety, fresh and, last but not least, brutal. There’s even a cover version of Haymaker’s It Only Gets Worse. It’s really good and I have to admit that a “new” band covering another relatively “new” band cheers me up.
Well, both sides rip and, believe me, you will find this record in a lot of end-of-the-year charts!

Co-released by Give Praise Records, Nuclear Ass Records, Psychocontrol.

Thanks to Paul Give Praise for the record!


~ by petetheripper on August 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “Famous members : Roskopp vs Doubled Over”

  1. I would have liked to see a Roskopp/Roskopp Split!

  2. Questo è figo!!! Ciao!!

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