RAUHA TURVA tape special #2

Hellöwar – s/t



Hellöwar is a four piace hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia and they play a mid paced kind of dark crust. The sound is sleazy and dirty, with a strong fuzzy guitar tone and the classic rotting bass grinding in the background. Drums are quite linear and simple, remaining in the usual style of d-beat crust hardcore. Vocals are barking, filthy, sounding like the direct spawn of Venom’s Cronos. The easiest comparisons I can drag are to the old records of Amebix, especially the No Sanctuary album, with its lurking, darkened vibe added to the crust. When things start to get a little more fast and assaulting, Hellöwar starts to sound a little bit more like bands like Wolfbrigade and their groovy crusty way of making head bounces. There are also a couple of solos here and there and at the beginning of Bara Jiwa there’s also a very cool guitar arpeggio that helps to add some variety to the mix. This band is surely derivative but this kind of music can bring some fun to the crust aficionados, while it can eb also enjoyed by those who are not too familiar with the genre. Nice effort.


Zudas Krust is a four piece and, like Hellöwar plays crust and is from Indonesia. Their side is, instead, a little bit different, leaning stronger both on the punk and on the grinding side of crust. The overall feeling is very sloppy and vocals tends to melt with the other instruments, which are dominated by a strong and powerful guitar, that slashes riffs in high tones that are the real structures of the songs. Half of the songs on this tape are cover versions of various bands (Apparatus, Rajoitus, Peace Or Annihiliation, Köntra Sösial, Hellöwar and Krass Kepala), adding some variety to this EP, especially because a lot of those bands are from the Indonesian area and are not so famous otuside of their scene. The assaulting way of playing of Zudas Krust reminded me bands like Anti-Cimex, Tarveet Kadet and Rajoitus, mixed with an early grinding hardcore vibe not so far from some mid 90’s effort of bands like Agathocles and Avulsion. This tape is pretty enjoyable and has the right filthy feeling that crust bands should always have.


Taste Of Flesh is now RIP and this is a collection tape from these Indonesian fuckers, merging together songs from various compilations and from a  split EP with Space To Being (amazing band, btw). Their style is condensed in seven songs in seven minutes of uncompromisingly fast and punishing fastcore with screaming vocals. Songs are almost always very fast and aggressive, with the typical razor blade riffing of the genre. I can compare them with a mix of the full throttle side of Voetsek and the punching in the face one of What Happens Next?. Add a blistering furious and distressing high pitched screaming and you have the complete picture. These seven songs are glass shreds in the face of who’s listening and are a very good epitaph for a band that deserved something more. Very good tape!


~ by petetheripper on August 26, 2011.

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