RAUHA TURVA tape special #1

E330 – 2003-2008




E330 hails from Slovakia and this is a collection tape, putting together their works between (guess it) 2003 and 2008. There is a terrible lack of infos about this band and the fact that the few stuff I could find was written in Czech didn’t help. But, let’s get down to music. What you have here is a good bunch of songs with a slight change in style and production, showing you the efforts of E330 in a five years time span. Songs are divided in three groups, 2004, 2005 and 2008, so I assume that there are no recordings made in 2003, 2006 and 2007. I’m really smart today, ain’t I? The style of E330 is a crusty hardcore with a strong D-beat vibe, double vocals and raunchy riffing. I’m not a  big fan of this kind of music, but I have to admit that the 27 songs of this tape weren’t an hard piece to swallow and were quite enjoyable even by a non-fan like me. Vocals are splitted in two, a low bark and an high pitchead sleazy scream. The comparison with Extreme Noise Terror is quite obvious but I have to say it anyway, plus there’s even a little Disclose and Disrupt vein going on here. The last bunch of songs are more grinding, putting E330 near mincecore bands like Agathocles and middle-era Malignant Tumour. A nice tape, I don’t like this kind of hardcore so this won’t be a huge thing for me, but every crust enthusiastic out there shoudl give E330 a try.





Bombardir is a four piece hailing from Indonesia and, just like E330, plays crust, a genre that hasn’t often been seen on this blog. The main difference between the band from Slovakia and Bombardir is that the latter focuses more on the Scandi-crust school, with bass driven d-beat hardcore, groovy lines and sleazy vocals. Well, if I have to point out my tastes, this is the kind of crust i  enjoy less, but I have to admit that I have headbanged at a couple of crust gigs, just after the right amount of booze.  This is the kind of music that I just can’t review, I don’t have enough knowledge to express an opinion about this. Anyway, check them out by yourself and drop them a line to let ’em know what you think : http://www.reverbnation.com/bombardir666totaldiscrustmayhemalcoholonly





Milisi Kecoa comes from Indonesia and is formed by five members. This tape features four songs of raunchy and pissed off punk hardcore, with a very strong fun vibe injected by hate. The main influences can be dragged back to the originators of the genre, so expect that kind of hardcore strongly rooted in classic punk that made Black Flag so famous. I have to point out that the guitar sound reminded me a lot of Rupture, with that high pitched tone that made each song sound so wrong and dirty. The songs on this EP are ONLY four, so it’s very difficult to declare all the good and bad points of Milisi Kecoa. I can surely say that they are very enjoyable and can inject your body with the right dose of adrenaline. This kind of punk can be enjoyed by those who bough some Social Circkle EPs and spun them for hours until they got a freshly carved groove. On the bad side, this kind of music can grow old very fast if it’s not supported by a creative songwriting. While this tape is surely a good one I want to wait to something more lengthy before judging! In the meanwhile give these four songs a listen and you will instantly start to move franticly following music!

Thanks to Herbert for the tapes!


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  1. by the way, you can download the full length of Milisi Kecoa (2010) here: http://www.mediafire.com/?50pe84v2sw5rx0s

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