Mr Grindcore, the diagnosis is : internal rotting

After talking about Agents Of Abhorrence and Roskopp let’s spend some words for a band that features members from both the above mentioned bands. Internal Rot is a three piece hailing from Australia, which deepen its roots in rotten soil of old school grind music, embracing a wide range of influences from the first decade of the genre’s life. There are obviously some comparison that pop out knowing the bands related to Internal Rot, so expect the sloppy brutality of Roskopp and the blistering speed of Agents Of Abhorrence, but they don’t fail to stand out as a separate entity, with a strong personality and their own style. A style which is made by adding together a lot of lessons learnt from history. The band’s name is also a song from Hemdale’s first demo tape and this is not something you can ignore. Hemdale injected a lot of brutality and dark humour in the American goregrind, which are strong factors also in Internal Rot. Do you remember your first time listening to Terrorizer’s World Downfall? If you made the same path I’ve done you started with the first grindcore bands and after Carcass and Napalm Death, Terrorizer is something you can’t miss. Well, do you remember when your ears were assaulted by the terrific blastbeat technique of Pete Sandoval? Internal Rot drags directly from there, putting a lot of effort in speeding up their song, smashing everything in their way with a full throttle drumming annihliation. Blastbeat was made to grind. Vocals are almost always dwelling inthe screaming area, enchaning the sense of speed and distress. Guitars are sometime sloppy sometime sharp, heavening or speeding up the songs and adding a lot of variety to the mix. Variety is also guaranteed by a solid drummer, Christoph of Roskopp, Doubled Over and Die Pigeon Die fame, who manages to throw a lot of different ways to smash your ears between one blastbeat and the next one. There’s a strong filthy feeling going through the records, which reflects another great band from the past, Fear Of God. The fuzz, the murder-guilty riffing, the throat burning screams, the life despising drumming, everything reminds me a lot the amazing first eponymous EP by the Swiss masters of noise. My Hands Deep In Your Guts, The Two Sides Of The Coin, Aboslution. Listen to those Fear Of God’s tunes and then put Internal Rot EP on the turntable and drool in delight. Napalm Death classic influence goes on a more subtle level, growing stronger when everything starts to sound more messy and chaotic. The controlled chaos feeling, like those three fuckers were a bunch of ghouls tamed for just the time to record these six tunes is something you can’t ignore, exactly when you listened for the first time to Horrified by Repulsion and the beginning of The Stench Of Burning Death gave you that tremendous guilty pleasure.

The concept, the cover, the band’s photos, the titles, the lyrics. Everything reeks of old and, like everything being buried for ore than twenty years, will burn your senses with the terrible stench of a tomb. So, what can I say more? When a band drags their style directly from some of the best bands in the hisotyr of the genre and succeeds to mantain a strong and powerful personality, well, you have a record that you HAVE TO spin as much times as you can. Maybe those who necessarily need evolution, experimentation or the classic breath of fresh air will say that this record reeks of old, but I can say the same and make it sound like a good, a very good thing.

Co-released by 625 Thrashcore Records and Crucificados Records. Thanks to Steven (Crucificados) for the record!


~ by petetheripper on August 19, 2011.

3 Responses to “Mr Grindcore, the diagnosis is : internal rotting”

  1. Damn. Knew you were gonna review this next after your Roskopp/AoA review, hehe, it made me hurry my stupid Internal Rot review (or else I would taken 2 more years to write it)……. Anyway funny we don’t detect the same references! Cheers.

    • !!!! I didn’t see your new batch of reviews coming! i will read them all later at my parents’ place! Eehee I think they mash a lot of classic grindcore influences, and can trigger a lot of memories, more recent or older. Crazy and amazing EP, anyway!

  2. Yeah I didn’t think of Fear of God but maybe you’re right!!! Cheers!

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