Aussie love to share : Agents Of Abhorrence vs Roskopp

And after a full Switzerland split EP, now it’s time for a full Australia split! Agents Of Abhorrence and Roskopp share also a release after sharing some members and, even if this record is not a new one (it came out last year) it’s still a blast for every grindcore fan out there.

Agents Of Abhorrence has been around for a bunch of years and shared their way with a couple of bands that don’t need any kind of introduction, Iron Lung and Extortion. I’ve missed them in 2008 when they played in Alessandria at the second September to Dismember festival, and I’m still in need to watch these Aussie fuckers live. Anyway, this is their most recent output and they deliver five songs of fast and loud modern grindcore. When they released their first, and only, album, the very good Eart.Water.Sun. they sounded like a very good mix of old school fast grindcore, Terrorizer and Napalm Death style, mixed with a strong influence from bands like Excruciating Terror and, for some extent, Assuck. Vocal wise they stuck to an harsh and punishing screaming style, spitting out a lot of anger and distress through vocal chords, Growling was rarely used. I’ve always thought that Agents Of Abhorrence had a strong similarity with Japanese experimental grindcorers 324 and, even if their style has slightly changed, I still think that the comparison works. The main difference, started on their split 7” with Extortion, is in the vocals, now sharing their path with a more classic HC style, making them similar to those used by bands like Flachenbrand or Charles Bronson. There’s also a minor use of the “digital” approach to music, making it sound more dirty and “classic” than before. The almost cyberpunk value added at the beginning at their career has not been lost in the trip, because it still works at a subtle level, with the song still sounding cold and unforgiving. Discordance Axis is still a strong reference but they get along better in the mix, making Agents Of Abhorrence sound like a post apocalyptic, high octane, no mercy version of World Downfall’s Terrorizer. The main throdown on this record is that the band lost a bit of its usual tightness, making the very good work in soundwriting getting flawed by a less fitting performance. I think that they still need a bit of time to get all the things working well together but, despite this flaw, this side is still a very good bunch of grindcore songs for those who love it unforgiving and, if you want it, post-nuclear.

Roskopp also hails from Melbourne and shares some members with Agents Of Abhorrence, Doubled Over, The Day Everything Became Nothing, Die Pigeon Die and Fuck…I’m Dead. Some years ago they released a very good full 7” EP in which they displayed a great blend of goregrind with strong core influences. The cover of Phobia’s classic Rape, Theft, Murder was there to scream their grindcore background. On this split EP they shifted their sound a bit, enhanching their core influence over the gore one. I can compare their style to the one used by Super Fun Happy Slide, so expect a good mix of early classics from both sides of the grind genre, Terrorizer, Napalm Death, Repulsion, O.L.D., Carcass and so on. Phobia was homaged on the first record but they’re still a strong influence, with their groove and their blind violence used by Roskopp to define three songs of great sounding gory grindcore. I’ve said that they changed their sound a bit and that’s because they went from a sloppy and muddy goregrind influence (think early Dead Infection or Xysma) to a more assaulting and brutal kind, making me think of Last Days Of Humanity or Regurgitate’s Hatefilled Vengeance. The speed is increased, without losing an ounce of their heaviness and throat clutching riffing brutality. When they came out with the first EP they made a great impression on the underground and that record is still a personal favorite of mine. With this record they nailed another great performance and made their name a memorable one. Roskopp is surely a band you have to look out in the future and I’m really looking forward some new records by them.They’re a side project of a lot of bands, but on this split EP they won hands down.




This record features a very nice artwork splitted on both sides of the cover (like the Agents Of Abhorrence / Extortion one –I know it’s out of topic but that record has one of my fave coverarts EVER-) and is released by Crucificados (thanks for the record!).


~ by petetheripper on August 16, 2011.

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